Saturday, 18 August 2018

Hello Everyone ,
What a wonderful response from all of you re the exhibition next year . Thanks to Hilary and the idea of the form I now will have a piece ( unfortunately only one piece each) from everyone  covering all the artists we have so far done . The convener will be delighted and what an interesting exhibition it will be .
Regarding the hanging of them you will not need to put a sleeve on . I will work this out at a later stage once I know what type of stands I will have on which to display them . Our convener will help out with this aspect . So just send them as they are but please make sure that your name and address is on the label at the back of the quilt . I am so looking forward to receiving them and seeing them in reality. I promise to take a video and lots of photos once it is all set up .
Thank you all.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

'Morning everyone,
Hilary will be sending a form to everyone to give preferences to what you would like exhibited at our 'Blog It 'exhibition so I can get a reasonable spread through the artists . Those who have recently joined could wait until you have done pieces for a couple more artists but I would like to have all submissions by mid June next year as everything will need to have  labels done and I would need time to have the information about the artists and pictures of all our quilts put on to the cards.
I think it will be a quilt exhibition with a difference and really interesting for the public .
So thanks for coming on board.
Hello again everyone ,
I have spoken to the Exhibitions Convener of the National Symposium again and our ' Blog Exhibition' has been chosen as one of eight really interesting exhibitions for next year . I really hope that each of you will manage to send one of your Artist Series quilts to me either via Hilary,Phil and Patricia or couriering one to me . Helena , I think your Klimt, Lucy in Gold,would be great for Klimt . Patricia is giving her Barnes -Graham piece  so if you could all indicate which one of your pieces you would like to exhibit I shall try and even it out amongst the chosen artists . I will just fill in a gap wherever. Our newest members will not have as much choice but do send whichever you think appropriate. I am excited about his for all of us as it gives the general public an idea of how the digital age is opening up possibilities for us textile artists to show our work .
Hope you are all as excited as I am .

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Hi everyone,
Thanks to all of you who have replied enthusiastically to my previous posting.
I thought I should clarify what the "Blog It" exhibition is all about .It involves ONLY the "Artist Series "of quilts . This is an example of what was displayed :
As you can see I was only able to display my own 'real' quilts .What the exhibition person has suggested, if this exhibition is chosen for the NZ National Symposium, is to have ONE 'real' quilt from each of us members of the blog displayed .( I would be grateful if you could each indicate which quilt you would like to exhibit  - so that I don't have several for one artist and none for another! ). I think this is a great idea and have outlined it all with my previous posting . Phil has offered to collect a piece from all of you in the UK and Patricia ,who is visiting us in NZ in December, will bring them all over here including hers ,Phils and Allisons quilts. The remaining  members will need to rely on courier post directly to me at:
1 Helvetia Drive ,
Browns Bay,
Auckland, 0630,
New Zealand .
I will phone the exhibition convenor ASAP ,give her all these details , and see whether she is still interested . I will curate the exhibition .
 If there are any questions please ask and ,as I have stated, if anyone is unwilling do let me know.