Monday 2 October 2023


 This work is inspired by the universe and is presented in an abstract way, so the name of the quilt is cosmo.

This time I also used macrame and quilting. I used fabric strips to make a rope and then knitted it to make a macrame flower. As to how to combine the macrame, I was a bit puzzled. I tested it many times, and then I did the boldest way - openwork inlay! I dug holes in my quilt and embedded the macrame flowers into them.


Saturday 30 September 2023

Fountain of Youth

 I am an Art Nouveau person, so my first reaction was 'Oh no, not another Art Deco piece'.  But I have to say, this was way more fun than I expected, and I'm really pleased with the end result.  I guess being able to include curves helped.

Fountain of Youth

I have struggled to get a decent photo.  White (and black) are notoriously difficult to capture perfectly.  It is a brighter piece.  The fabrics are all commercial cottons, including the gold strips.  This fabric was a challenge to work with because a hot iron turned the shine into matte.  So, all the ironing had to be covered with a Teflon sheet - tricky when you are trying to bend the strips around curves.  All fabrics fused.  Gold strips raw edge and edge stitched.  This was a second challenge - using metallic thread.  It measures 16" x 23".  Machine quilted.

Thanks, Patricia.


Abstract Art Deco


Abstract Art Deco

   I wasn't sure what to do for this challenge until I found some of the fabric I had printed and that was left over from the New York Art Deco challenge. I decided to do something simple, especially as I got mixed up about the reveal date for this challenge, thinking that it was at the end of October, so I reused the shapes that I used for my deconstructivism quilt (Chetham's  Deconstructed 12 By the Dozen) and my Klee quilt ( Dotty about Klee 12 By the Dozen: DOTTY ABOUT KLEE) It looks like I have a series! Thank you for the reminder Hilary, as I have just managed to finish it on time by concentrating on nothing but my quilt for the last few days!


 I can't really say what inspired me except as I started the design I thought to use a bit of surrealism in my piece hence the two heads.  I wanted to swirl fabrics around them and this piece evolved as I was drawing it up.  I had a lot of fun even though it entailed a lot of work.



Durban has quite a few beautiful Art Deco Buildings. I was inspired by one that has these huge birds on top. Summer on its way is the inspiration for the inclusion of the sun. I started with a quilted background and then added appliqued tulle and shiny gold fabric. 


My colour choice is not typical of Art Deco but these fabrics popped out when I was scrounging amongst my stash. I found the lines between Art Deco and Abstract Art Deco blurred and confusing. I first pieced my design using the simple lines and forms of Art Deco. Now to quilt. To make it more 'abstract' I then went with the simple geometric, formalized lines and shapes on top of the piece. 

Friday 29 September 2023

Abstract Art Deco

This design wasadapted from a design seen on an elevator door in an Art Deco building in Chicago.I found that this was an enjoyable theme to work on . Rosemary



Made with sheer fabrics.  I am going to stick it on my window with double sided tape.

From Beth. 

Beth apologizes for the delay but she works with an apple device and is having the same issues that Rosemary initially had hence the reason the post is from me. We will be getting together after she returns from a break in the berg to hopefully solve the problem. 

Wednesday 27 September 2023

The next theme is........

                      CURRENT /S

This can be used as a noun, or an adjective or maybe play around with the synonyms!

Do I know what or where I am going with  What is a challenge if it was not a challenge! 

Have fun. 

Monday 25 September 2023


Thank you Hilary for reminding me to choose the next person.

 The next person to choose for our next challenge is:


Looking forward to our next challenge Phil!

Wednesday 23 August 2023



I was attracted to the colours of cocktails when this topic was chosen, so I decided to use a colourful piece of hand dyed fabric  that was left over from when I made the quilt in 2019 for the Mary Pratt challenge. I had used a cold wax resist to make 'bubbles' on pieces of hand dyed lemon cotton and silk organza at the same time, which I then overdyed with gradations of orange and red. I thought I would keep my cocktail quilt simple, with the outlines of the cocktail glasses and  a hand stitched  background.
  My apologies for being so late with this, but despite starting early and spending at least an hour most days for the last two months doing the seed stitching, it still wasn't ready on time. I seriously underestimated the amount of background stitching that was needed, and it seemed to go on forever. Remind me not to do this again, although I have already said that more than once!

Saturday 1 July 2023


The next challenge is : 


I know we had "Art Deco in New York City" as a subject during our Architect challenges but there are so many stunning ideas of paintings, colour and vibrancy I am sure we can produce something totally different and unique this time around.

Enjoy and we can look forward to seeing what we produce at the end of September.