Wednesday 10 April 2024

Rose Arch

Sorry I'm so late in submitting this, but I've finally finished my quilt!

I was inspired by the wedding invitations, where the couple is surrounded by a door of roses, full of happiness and sweetness.

The pattern was drawn with oil-based pen and embossed on cotton, and the roses were knitted with fabric.But I don't think I've got the desired feeling of the roses this time, I may need to test it more, since it's been delayed for too long, so I'll leave it like this for now!



Monday 1 April 2024


Sorry everyone, late again!  This has been a double challenge in that, although the technique is what I had in mind, I didn't have the time to do the screen printing.  But...I found a pile of fabrics with exactly the screen I wanted to use, plus of co-ordinating fabrics using various tie-dyeing techniques.  I have no idea when I did these but I must have enjoyed myself as there are so many.  So the second challenge was to create something with what I had.

All the fabrics are cotton and hand dyed or screen printed from a thermofax screen I had made from a photo I took of a rose in my garden.  It has an iron-on wadding (I had a sample the right size and was interested in how it would work - OK).  The roses are raw-edge applique fused on with Heat-n-Bond Ultra.  It has a bound edge and measures 41.5 x 50.5 cm.

Thanks Momo - nice to use up some of the stash.



 My title is a bit of a pun as what should have been straight forward was not.  I was all ready to go yesterday morning, however, fresh eyes and a photo and I realized it looked unfinished. Unfortunately yesterday was already planned so it had to wait until this morning. My apologies but here it is hot off the press.

I have now corded the stems and added more quilting. Applique and quilting on a whole cloth. I now have a slightly wavy border which hopefully will settle but will not be flat in the end. I can live with it. 


Sorry for the delay~~

 Sorry for the delay in posting my work!

It's a shame!After all, I'm the one who came up with the   theme this time!

I'm really sorry.


Sunday 31 March 2024

Nearly done! And the next challenge is....

 Sorry, folks, but Easter coming so early this year has caught me out.  I am so close to finishing my piece.

My challenge to you all is to create a monochrome piece.  You can choose whatever colour you fancy but you must keep within the colour.  You can add only up to 5% of another colour.   The challenge is basically to create an interesting piece using just tints, tones and shades of one colour.   It can be realistic, or abstract - any subject, any materials, techniques or textures.  Think Picasso's 'blue period' or black and white images or transparencies, etc.  Have fun.




A COMPASS ROSE is a figure on a map that helps a traveller orient the map to the cardinal directions North, South, East and West and thus you can find your way forward on your journey. 

All hand stitched. 

(Apologies by Beth. She is still having trouble uploading pics etc. She is hoping her son can sort it out for her when she travels overseas  in a few months time.  As she will be travelling for 4 months she will be taking a break from the group until she gets back home.) 


When I first saw what the challenge was it took me ages to figure out how to create a rose and do it in fabric.  After many drawings I decided on what to do and came up with what you can see here.  It grew rather rapidly as I kept on adding leaves and this whole piece took a really long time to create and finish, but I am very happy with the result.  All the roses are done in Kafe Fassett fabrics and the leaves in hand dyed and other fabrics.  


La Rose rose de Léa


  When I saw the subject for the challenge, my first thought was not the flower, but the french word for pink. I therefore  decided to make a pink rose, though now I look at it on the screen, I'm not sure it looks much like a rose. I sorted through my pink fabrics, but found that the commercial fabrics I had in my stash had a horrible greyish tinge and didn't go with my hand dyed fabrics. I found some darker pinks that I had saved from my daughter Léa's childhood clothes: a much loved linen blouse and the lining of a summer skirt. I limited the quilting to just round the petals, having used trapunto to make them stand out. which unfortunately is difficult to see from the front, though it's easy to see it from the back! The working title for this was 'The pink monstrosity', as I hate pink! Léa loves pink and is quite happy to have a quilt reminding her of some of her favourite childhood clothes.


Monday 18 March 2024

The next person is...

 Hello, how's everyone's work coming along? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts ! 

Let me reveal the next person to think of our next theme! 

The next person is... Hilary.


Saturday 13 January 2024


Sorry, this is so late.  I stupidly didn't think it through and was forced to start again but this did give me time to think and trial ideas.  Some things were a blessing in disguise - like 'wasting' all my fabric printing sheets.  This meant I had to print on card - which meant I could 'tear' them which is more effective.

This is a two-sided piece.  The front shows the incredible destruction of homes and the tearing apart of families.  The innocents.  The deaths and the upheavals.  I am disappointed in that the quilting I did to express bombs exploding on the top photos doesn't show up.  Another time I might consider stamping paint.  There are sniper bullets across the piece. 

The back has splatters of 'blood' left in the sand (actual sand glued to fabric and difficult to see).

I would like to say that I do not condone the events of Oct 7th but I am left with a sense of despair in that the mass killing of innocent civilians is not the answer.

The piece measures 20" x 22".  It is machine quilted.  Commercial fabrics.  Satin-stitch covered edges.

On the whole I am pleased with the result and thank you for your patience waiting for me.


Monday 8 January 2024

 Le Cotentin et le Raz Blanchard or the Alderney Race

 When current was chosen as the challenge this time, I thought about using an idea for a block print that has been in my mind for quite a few years, but which I hadn't tried out. I cut six blocks, marking where I wanted my lines to start and end in the same place on each block on the top, bottom and sides.  I drew and cut different lines on each block, then printed them in a haphazard order, so that the pattern didn't repeat itself. I was pleased with the result, but wasn't sure how to use my printed fabric. Then we had a week’s holiday in the Cotentin (the part of Normandy that sticks out opposite the Channel Islands) in October. When we were at Goury, we could see Alderney on the horizon, and my husband told me about Le Raz Blanchard (in English the Alderney Race), which is one of the fastest currents in Europe. When the current and the wind are in opposite directions, sailing between the Channel Islands and the French coast is dangerous. I decided to base my quilt on this and the Cotentin. I wanted to keep it simple, just basing it on the sea current, the beach and sky: I used Markal paintstiks to represent Alderney on the horizon, though I am not sure whether my version is really Alderney-shaped! Whilst we were at Carteret, I found some lovely shells with holes in them, which I decided to include on my quilted beach.