Monday, 17 September 2018

I received the first quilt for the "Blog It " exhibition yesterday from Uta . Such a difference seeing the real quilt, this one interpreting Escher . This exhibition is going to evoke a lot of interest . I am already enthused even though it is more than a year away .Thanks Uta .

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Munter sampler

I don't think I'll ever be happy with this as a finished piece - it's far too flat, but as a sampler it's been a great exercise in creating lines. I have used:

  • negative space between fabrics
  • fabric
  • lines as shading
  • controlled machine stitching
  • free machine stitching
  • and a washing line, just because
I cited Terry Grant as a source of inspiration for this piece and I'm now even more in awe of her work as a result of this exercise. 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Gabriele Munter - Breakfast of the Birds

Whilst the emotional content of this image appealed to me, I see an artist content with her simple life, for me this challenge has been driven totally by exploring technique.

Munter didn't shy away from dark outlines, similar to those in pieces by US quilter Terry Grant and I saw an opportunity to play with creating similar marks in my piece for this challenge.

On reflection I didn't necessarily choose the best Munter work for the exercise but it's been interesting - so far. 

I've used applique, outline stitching and free machining so far but unfortunately still have some way to go. There's a whole table to fill, lot's of external detail to complete and lots more stitching to do.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Next one to choose …

   The one to choose the next artist after Lurçat is Claire.

The Next Artist Is …

   I have found it very difficult to choose an artist, though I have had several in mind for months, and as I am typing this I am still torn between two, but here goes … the next artist is Jean Lurçat. He was a painter, ceramist and tapestry designer, creating the cartoons for hundreds of tapestries and overseeing the weaving process. He was instrumental in reviving the tapestry industy in Aubusson, France. I discovered his tapestry designs for the first time two years ago when I visited the tapestry museum in Aubusson, and  fell in love with them, especially his depiction of plants and animals. A few months later I was lucky enough to see an exhibition of his work at the Manufacture des Gobelins in Paris. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Next one to choose...

I must have dreamt that I obliged by Hilary's request to pick the next one to choose an artist and only realized this morning that I had not done so. I apologize. The next one to choose is Jinnie. Looking forward to her choice... and hope to catch up with my delays (yes, plural) soon. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


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Saturday, 1 September 2018



   I really liked Gabriele Münter's woodblock prints, more so than the paintings, but despite that none of them  inspired me to make a quilt. However the shapes of the trees in 'Haus mit Tannen im Schnee' gave me an idea that I sketched. I took this and some print outs of others of her works on holiday in the hope that I might have some other ideas. Whilst I was away I did a one day monoprint class at the Hot Bed Press in Salford, basically just experimenting with mark making and different ways of using monoprint. I decided to try a simple torn paper mask in the shape of the sketches I had drawn, and I have used that shape on my quilt. At first I thought of stenciling it with markal, but realized I would have had to let it dry a day or two, and I only had a short time to make the quilt after coming back from holiday last weekend. In the end I chose to appliqué it using a fabric I printed for another project, but which I did not use in the end, and a sheer black fabric. I used the latter as I wanted the print to show through from the background fabric.

The next artist

Uta, please can you pick a name from this list for them to choose the next artist:

Dianne, Jinnie, Claire, Allison and Rosemary

I think I have got them correct...  Then the next person can announce the artist here on the blog.


Friday, 31 August 2018

Gabriele Münter - Mother with Child

When I chose Gabriele Münter as the artist for this challenge, I had not yet decided on which picture I would use as inspiration. I love her work, and I wanted the challenges to become more feminine - but when I looked at her paintings I was a bit at a loss at first. Luckily we had the chance to see an exhibition of hers in Munich earlier this year, and I bought a book of postcards. In this I found a picture that got me going.

Münter, Mother with sleeping Child, 1934, oil on carton

I decided to concentrate on a detail - and by enlarging it from a trace off the postcard I actually worked with it in a larger version than the original.

A copy-machine is a handy tool indeed...
I took a pieced piece from some earlier project that had not been used, copied the lines of the contours onto it with a single line of stitch and added a few other materials.

Then I went on vacation and had taken the piece with me because I thought I could work on my mother's sewing machine. However, while she was still gone I could not find her mending/quilting foot and quickly aborted the attempt. That, of course, threw me back in my time plan.

Working without a foot is just not a very inspirational mode of stitching.

When she returned from China, she did retrieve the foot from wherever it had been hidden and I got to work on the project for a little bit. However, I did not get as far as I had hoped, and yesterday we were traveling home. I started working on it in the evening, and a bit more today, but I am not finished.

Partly because I slept very badly last night and am very tired now I am not going to push myself and perhaps ruin the whole thing. I have revealed what I have made and will finish in the next few days, and then post a full picture of it. Apologies, Ladies. Life ...


Firstly apologies for the delay. My computer froze on me after being away for so long and I have just got it up and running again.

I have gone for a take on her Lino cuts as I have already done a still life and a portrait.
I have a metal stamp of a fish which I have never used so I have incorporated it in with the 'waves' she has used.

The stamp.

My inspiration.

My Piece.

My background is a piece of my own indigo dyed fabric and I traced an enlarged shape of the fish and sketched the waves in.  I then used black paint and pens to create my own patterns within the fish and to outline the waves. 

I would have loved to have done a proper lino cut but time just was not on my side. Maybe one day!

Blue Conical Mountain

Blue Conical Mountain

Blauer Kegelberg 1930

I had just read an article in a Danish newspaper about a new exhibition at Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art introducing Gabrielle Münter and decided to go, when Uta announced her choice of artist - what luck. The museum is just a 45 minutes drive from our house and the exhibition was a celebration of her first solo exhibition in 1918 in Copenhagen.

I have chosen the first out of three versions as my piece. I only made one quilt, but I was brave enough to ad markal oil stick, and after that acrylic paint. I don't like version two and three, although version three looks more like the painting, I prefer version ones simpler form.

With Markal Stick

With Markal Stick and Acrylic Paint

Fused layers, black felt tip pen, quilted and painted.

I have used the fused layers before in various quilts, this example is from 2007 inspired by British watercolour artist Michael Moore.

And black felt tip fen in this Cezanne inspired quilt from 1990

PS. I don't know why I'm coming up as Blogger, rather than Mai-Britt Axelsen, in the e-mails?