Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Such an honour...

Connectivity: Port Clyde
Heather Dubreuil

... to have my work profiled in the latest issue of the SAQA Journal, in Kris Sazaki's "Notes from the President" column. This Journal is available in print and on-line to SAQA members only, but I have permission to reprint the column on my blog, July 26.

I found Kris's insights to be perceptive and thoughtful. Those of you who ask yourselves how fibre art is essentially different from painting will see that question addressed briefly in her text.

Thank you to Dianne for suggesting that I post my news here.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fun and Games in Durban

With some special time together with Phillida and the pressure of getting some Marsala coloured fabric, here are some pictures of our 'fun and games'.  We think we have cracked it although we did produce some 'interesting' variations along the way.  Best practice: we never let a bit of left-over dye go to waste - hence some obviously non-Marsala bits of fabric!

Notice how organised we were to start with - formulas written out!
First batch out in the sun

Soda being added

Not quite right - back to drawing board

Maybe?  Better?  We'll see when they're dry and ironed...

Almost there. Looking more promising.

Some of the variations and play pieces

We feel we have got the full range of Marsala - yippee!
Some of the lovely extras we finished up with - nothing wasted!
All that remains now is to make something stunning with all this yummy fabric...

Hilary and Phillida

Saturday, 11 July 2015


This was my entry at the Festival of Quilts held last week in the Durban area.  Wonderful time was had by all and I was so thrilled to catch up with Hilary and Phil.

Hilary persuaded me to put my entry onto the blog and although I did not win anything it was a fun experience.  Saw some magnificent work and can't believe the talent that we have here in South Africa.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Watch me create a piece for SAQA on Youtube!

I donated as 12 x 12 piece for the SAQA online auction coming up in September. New this year, we were invited to send in photos of our process, which were then made into a video. The video was just posted on Youtube and here is the link to watch it.
You can also watch lots of other people creating their work. What a great idea!
This is a photo of the piece, called Resilience.

Friday, 5 June 2015

White Lie

Sara Genn, whose website comments on ideas and issues in art, published a piece today titled "White Lie". Given the subject of our most recent challenge, you might find it interesting reading.

Catherine Vlasto, John Singer Sargent

Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog and Website updated

You may notice that I have had to make a few changes to the blog layout as we had reached the 10 maximum pages on the right under Challenges.  You learn something every day - I found an app for stand-alone pages.  Series One and the Home page buttons are now separate pages in a tool bar under the title.  The problem under Challenges will rear its head again after the next challenge.  Time to work on that...

The White Challenge has been added to the website - please check I haven't made any mistakes or missed any links.

Pamela - Happy Landings!  Hope you find your way around all those packing crates before too long. We're all very happy you are able to settle and make a home again.


The next colour is .........

................have fun.