Friday, 13 March 2015

Colour Thesaurus

It's a good job we didn't have this when we began our current round of challenges -

Monday, 2 March 2015


Continuing in the theme of my daughter's wedding, I submit my piece for the colour 'sand.'

A conceptual piece.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

The next colour is ....

                                                                     Lily white


  The photograph of the cliffs that Hilary posted when she chose the colour made me think of the cliffs at Lyme Regis and the fossils found there. I decided to 'find' my own fossil ammonites in hand sewn trapunto done on  a commercial fabric. I hand quilted it with seeding and added some machine quilted ammonites. The latter should have taken just over an hour to do, but in the end I spent five hours sewing (in the wrong colour), unpicking and resewing it and I thought I would never finish in time, despite having spent two months on it. It was very difficult to photograph: the photo above gives a good idea of the colour and the one below shows the trapunto better.

Sand Challenge

Sands of Mombasa

The colour of the soil in Kenya where we spent a few weeks this December was very red and it seems to have been imprinted on my visual memory. No matter what I produced for the challenge, the colour of sand was never a warm grey or brown or yellow but always a bit pink or rust. I have finally given in and settled on this selection, as it does celebrate a warm neutral as its central theme .The black cotton fabric was discharged using cascade dishwashing liquid and a round brush.

Slightly sandy

Having just finished reading a book on stitch by Helen Parrott it seemed logical to attempt sand ripples for this piece. The first lesson learned was about scale - too many ripples resulted in a near ric-rac effect!

I layered up a piece of lightly rust dyed fabric made during a recent workshop with Alice Fox and used the rust marks to guide my lines of hand stitch. Once the stitching was complete I rollered the surface with acrylic paint in an attempt to achieve more depth.

I'm looking forward to seenow others have interpreted this challenge as I failed miserably to come up with an original response!




I must admit I was completely thrown by the colour, but hopefully rose to the challenge!  It took me a while to get the creative juices flowing but hopefully got there in the end.  

I decided that I would do something completely different and so out of my comfort zone, although to be honest still like 'neat and tidy' which must be in the genes, so how to do something out of the box for me?

 I found some hessian and then decided to do a textured design using different materials in opposition to the rough texture of the hessian.  I used chiffon in the top right which I very unsuccessfully tried to burn and now wish I had used organza, but by then it was too late.  I covered some of the chiffon with dyed scrim and then made cords and applied those.  Thereafter stitched using varigated thread in sections and in retrospect wish I had also incorporated hand stitching to marry the stitching with the concept.  However, I am relatively happy with the result and am glad I tried something different, for me anyway.  Perhaps I will do something else in the future using the same background but experimenting further with the ideas I have had since finishing it, and pushing my limits further.