Friday, 14 November 2014

And i am late..........very late...........but better late than never...........

my interpretation of GREY:

still working in the theme of our daughter and son in law's wedding, i interpreted one of the photos we have of a corner of the reception hall.  when we went to see the hall in advance of the wedding, i saw a grand piano in the reception hall.  i thought that this would be a perfect place for family photos of ourselves and relatives who may or may no longer be alive.  this idea was very successful and on the day of the wedding, we decorated the piano with photos from both families, candlesticks and flowers.

i transferred the photo onto organza and then quilted it onto white fabric.

(we are currently living in a 2 bedroom apt in toronto - most of my sewing things are still in montreal.  if i may say i deserve an A for effort and initiative for even being able to put this little piece together using every non conventional technique in the book!)

see you all soon for turquoise!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

I'm early!

For once I have finished my piece before the scheduled date!!  I'm feeling very proud of myself, and relived as I'm spending most of the rest of this month with my mother as she recovers from a hip replacement operation.

On a sadder note, Teri has separated from her husband.  It's been a bit traumatic, and she's currently living with us until she has a more permanent solution.  It's quite amicable, but sad, on both sides.  Life never seems to work out quite how you plan it!

Upcoming show: Urbanité X 2

I am pleased to be showing my work with painter John Vazalinskas in an upcoming, collaborative exhibition, Urbanité X 2. The artists' statement reads:

"Two artists, two mediums, two unique takes on the urban landscape. Fibre artist Heather Dubreuil and painter John Vazalinskas offer their distinct interpretations of our man-made environment and the beauty within its spaces."

John first approached me almost a year ago with his idea for a joint show. He suggested that we choose an image of a Montreal scene and each do our own interpretation of it. These two works will form the focal point of the show.

As well, we will each be hanging twenty or so other urban landscapes. Most of John's pieces will showcase Montreal neighbourhoods, while mine will range more widely.

I think the idea of presenting fibre art with work in other mediums is exciting, and I hope that visitors to the show agree!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

And another thing...

I was very happy to have two pieces in the Houston show, one in collaboration with Marion Perrault, "Royal Thistle" aka giant artichokes, and a piece of my own called "Chloe a la Klimt" in the "Raining Cats and Dogs" exhibition. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. I could not publish a photo of Chloe before the show.

Royal Thistle 78" x 55"

Chloe a la Klimt 45" x 55"

Linda F.- you are too modest

When I was in Houston this past week, I checked out the Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine, considering a subscription. I flipped through the latest issue - December/January - and there was article featuring our very own Linda Forey! Linda, please share the details! I am going to get a digital subscription which is on sale for this week for $35US for two years, half price. The special deal does not apply to paper subscriptions which are considerably more expensive for non-US subscribers. There seems to be a lot of good information in this magazine, and when on sale, is a really good deal!

Stewart Hall Art Gallery Photos

I just dropped by for another quick look at the beautiful collection and took a couple of photos to give you an idea of how our art looks in the gallery. Here is my second piece, "Fallen" which I didn't even have a chance to photograph before running it over to the gallery for submission. I tried an experiment with framing this one, mounting it on two layers of foamcore and then onto a custom made (by my capable husband) shadow box which I painted black.

Here are Heather and Michele's pieces on another wall.