Tuesday, 29 March 2011


One of my aunt's favourite expressions was a "red letter" day.  Well, we had a multi-coloured day!  This is our banner that we all contributed to, with the letters done by Linda and the quilting by Colleen.  We all love it!

Colour was a prominent factor in much of the day's discussions.  A talented artist,  Diane St-Georges gave Heather some help with her colour, and certainly suggested colour additions to my work.  And since much of our work is quite bright (should I say dynamic?) it added to the theme of the day.  We learned a lot about focal points, moving the eye around a composition, balance, intersecting the edges of the piece and there was more, but my mind is overflowing at the moment!  Very exciting, and inspirational.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

New Project, Part 2

I have been working steadily on my Big Piece, and I thought I would give you a progress report. The photo is a little too dark in the upper right corner, because the lighting in the room is a bit inconsistent.

At this point, I feel pretty happy with the distribution of lights and darks, and also with the flow of the red squares. I haven't resolved the lower edge yet, left and right, but it will involve making more light and medium blocks. The lower couple of rows are still single blocks, but the rest of it has been joined to form five or six large sections. Some changes would be simple to make at this point, others next to impossible, as you might imagine.

Tomorrow our Text'art group is meeting at my place. We have invited Diane St.-Georges, a local artist and instructor, who is experienced with giving critiques. We are each bringing several pieces so she can advise us on composition, colour, etc. I am looking forward to hearing what she might have to say, and I will post again so I can share that with all of you. Diane's medium is acrylic and collage, so I think our fabric pieces will be something of an eye-opener for her. Marion Perrault is joining us for the day, and that will be fun because Marion and Helena have collaborated on so many pieces. We will be thinking of you, Linda Forey, and wishing you could be here with us.

Meanwhile, please feel free to jump in with suggestions!

Saturday, 26 March 2011


I know of one member who has finished her piece already!  This is my beginning.  Still not sure of the next step. There are a couple of possibilities.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fresh ....

"...as the moment when the pod went pop!" Yes, I'm afraid I'm a victim of the 60's television boom.

like three peas in a pod by Scorpions and Centaurs
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License


I so enjoy following the Twelve by Twelve Group and their colourplay challenges.  This latest challenge 'chartreuse' has really got to me and everywhere I look I find shades of ....some more true than others.  I even discovered this little fellow near the house the other day.

Monday, 21 March 2011


It appears I have stunned you all into silence!!  For a laugh .......'fresh' eggs !!!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

On his way home from work this week, my husband took this photo of the river. i love the natural way - a kind of rhythm - of the ice breaking up. wanted to share it with you all. more related to 'structure' than 'fresh.' depends on how one views freshness or structure i guess!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011


I took this picture yesterday with a dual purpose (for both blogs).  I finally got round to replanting this miniature rose bush which has very happily sent out lots of new 'fresh' shoots. Happiness is!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Work for May Show

This is one of the pieces just finished based on our Text'Art theme for an upcoming May show. It is painted and stamped, stitched and reassembled onto a black canvas 15"x 30"

-Michele Meredith

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hello All

Hello to all the 12 by the dozen members.Thank- you for the invitation to join your talented art group. My name is Michele Meredith and I live in Hudson Quebec, near Montreal. I have been a member of the Text'Art group that meet for a playdate once a month to explore surface design tequniques and discuss all things creative. My background is in landscape design and I have been involved in making mixed media art with a paint / fabric/ stitch process for a few years now. I really look forward to exploring themes together with all of you and learning from the experience. I hear your themes are re"Fresh"ing.

Welcome to a new member

A warm welcome to new member Michele Meredith whose beautiful atmospheric Structures quilt was a guest piece last month.  Michele lives in Montreal and I'm sure she will introduce herself when her feet have touched ground.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Project

I have taken on two "commissions" for my husband's new medical clinic. The projected opening date is May 1.

First, I plan to collage about 16 canvases of various sizes, using photos taken in mid-October of the construction site. I will manipulate the photos with Photoshop Elements, and add touches of texture, metal, oil pastel, whatever, to enhance the images. This arrangement of canvases will hang in the stairwell of the building. I'm going to go with a clean, modern look. After all, the "rusted and deconstructed" look might not send the right message about a brand new building.

The other project is meant to hang in the waiting room, and it is already started. It is a modern take on the traditional Log Cabin. At this point, it is mostly single blocks on my design wall.
The red squares are meant to be the focal point, and most of the other fabrics are very greyed-down, with a transition from darker in the upper right to lighter in the lower left. In that way, it is a bit like the traditional log cabin, with one side dark and the other light. The outside edge is meant to be irregular. I will probably finish it with a facing.

I plan to have a look at the current arrangement in a black-and-white format, to gauge the contrast. Also, I am considering whether to add very small touches or red, or at least rose, in the lower left, for more unity.

Your input would be welcome. Also, I'm looking for advice about the physical hanging of it. Right now it's about 5' high and 6' wide, and I intend to add more blocks, especially on the left side and the lower edge. Design wall is only 6' wide! (Isn't it interesting how the size of my work is growing now that I am in my bigger space?)

Fresh Snow!

This was the new snow last week.  We have since received 70cm at the cottage, which I haven't seen yet, and we are due to receive another 20  or so tomorrow.  When it is quite cold, the sun always shines and the sparkle and the blue shadows on the snow are some of my favourite sights.  Trouble with fresh snow this late into the winter is that we are all getting just a little tired of it!  If you click on the picture you can see the sparkle!                                         

Monday, 7 March 2011

With regret, I have decided to remove myself from the "12 By the Dozen" group. It has been a wonderful experience being part of such a talented group. I enjoyed seeing all the challenge entries- so different and beautiful. I will continue to follow the blog with great interest and I wish all of you the very best. Marion Perrault

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

re "FRESH" time

For those who may have missed my early disclosure of the next theme it is ....................


        ............................................ have fun !

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Comments on my comments

I want to thank everyone who commented so kindly on my entry . I had such a hard time with this piece when I expected it to be quite easy and pleasant. I learned a lot on the way. Old acrylic paint is not a good medium if you are not sure what you are painting- oil and water color paints much more forgiving. Better not to try to cut thick fusible foam circles with a scissors . etc etc. Piece looks better in photo than real life .
I thought this entire group of entries was amazing. So varied and original. So many techniques. Congratulations to everyone.

Common Threads

I have just picked up Diane's contribution to the Twelve by Twelve group's latest challenge:


So Heather, not only are SAQA thinking Structures but, some of us are thinking maps - and also that method of printing on water soluble for transfering images.

Girls, we are in great company!


It's all happening!

As if we haven't had enough excitement the original Twelve by Twelve group have their deadline today and theirs are coming in - stunning pieces - wow!


You might remember that theirs are all based on colours this year - the present combination is sage, brown and blue.  It's a fascinating concept and has produced some beautful pieces so far.

They have produced a book of their work which is available online today.