Friday, 2 June 2017


My life has just taken an interesting turn, and I am going to give up most, if not all, of my quilting connections for the next couple of years.  Basically, Mick and I agreed last night to buy a house in Castle Donington, and to sell our two current houses.  We had been looking for a suitable property since February, but could barely dream we would get this one.  It's an old house, with some modern additions, and a huge garden, all within easy walking distance of the village centre.  It's the one house in the village that I've said I would love for the past 20 years, and this is the first time it's been available in 64 years!!

On the down side, there's lots of work to be done, both before and after the move, and I won't have neither any time nor a studio for quite some time, so I'm very sadly bidding farewell to this group.  I have loved being a member since it's start, and I'm particularly sad to be leaving just before you tackle Klimt.  I shall continue to follow the group, and I will soon have more spare bedrooms available should any of you need to place to stay in this area of the UK.

Totem Tree a la Janvier

Sorry folks, little people and life  - what can I say?

I found this challenge difficult to come up with something that wasn't a close copy of his work.  I thought about marbling (well done Colleen), I also wondered about dribbling paint/thickened dye!  But I kept coming back to the wonderful Haida style of depicting animals, long admired.

Instead of a totem pole I have a totem tree with the inspiration coming from this Janvier painting.  It seems to have struck a cord with others as well.

Janvier: Fort McMurray Series
In my Totem Tree the animals are digitized and embroidered by machine.  The were chosen to represent the sky, the earth and water.  The rest is fused applique and free machining.  I will add more twiddly bits when I have a moment.  You have no idea how much unpicking I had to do - nothing like being in a hurry and it being nearly midnight to put a spoke in the wheel!  I decided to put it aside and apologise for being late.  I'm not that happy with the end result - perhaps a bit more work on it will help...

Totem Tree