Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Twelve by Twelve in Australia

Take a look at the exhibition of all of the Twelve by Twelve quilts at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne.  This is the group that inspired me to start our group.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Seeing Red

On a recent trip to the Niagara peninsular, my husband and I brain stormed ideas for the new challenge. The only result - I'm NOT doing something that makes me annoyed. I've got a couple of ideas since - might be something there to build on!

Seeing my way forward

Ok, after my initial fright at the challenge title I think I know where I am going - I think...  And it might include some of this -

and some of this - 


and some of this!

Quite excited with the prospects. How's everyone else doing?


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finding Red

I was going thru my samples collecting bits for a class and came across this piece. This is a sample I put together demonstrating free-motion quilting and Heat n Bond Ultra Hold. The flowers were attached using my new 'mini' tack gun .... magic !! The piece has photographed a lot more pink/red than it actually is. Is this the route I am taking ?????

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Seeing Red

Dianne - way ahead of me as usual.. I was out with my camera in the garden today, and red just assaults me wherever it is!!

Mr Lincoln

Double Delight

No I havent finished my Connections piece,,,, will be done soon - too busy mucking about it seems!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Love the theme Rosie and know where I am going already, although, at the moment I am seeing red as last night a little brown/red furry mouse decided to visit us in the house and has disappeared into one of the rooms so today is mouse trap day!

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Hilary, congratulations for producing a mosaic of all our quilts. Well done!

Seeing Red

Here in Montreal we are having extraordinarily hot weather. I think it made it up to 25ÂșC which is probably a record. I have started to put houseplants outside - something that isn't usually done until May. Mind you, they may all be coming back indoors if there is a cold snap. These are two plants that are in bloom in the house at the moment. I was thinking about our next theme and they shouted out to me.

broken connections

I'm sorry I haven't responded to all the beautiful quilts that have been posted. Unknown to me, one of my heart strings had came unconnected the morning that I put my quilt up. My dad has journeyed on without us.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Next Theme


Sorry, I'm letting the team down, mine is not finished yet!!  My time is not my own at the moment but I hope to post a pic of the finished item before Tuesday.  Apologies all round.

The next challenge theme is:

Seeing Red

Ready set go!!  Or in my case Ready set catch up!!

And getting all the paper work out of the way at once - the person to choose the theme in July is Patricia A'Bear :)

overwhelmed and excited

hi marion, phil, colleen, venetta, linda, helena, dianne, patricia and hilary

what a gorgeous hour my family and i have just had pouring over your beautiful work. congrats hilary on getting this project together - you have pushed and challenged us and the result is exciting - i look forward to moving along with this group and eventually meeting with you all - apart from quilting, most of us have party-ed together and we do that quite well also LOL

i am unable to post comments (???). not sure why, so i am sending an email with all my comments

marion - you 'aunt edna' resonated with me - i love genealogy, i love your work, speciafically the techniques in this piece and i love the way you have shown your aunt edna and her memorabilia quiltingly
phil - being a south african and loving the mountains of natal as well as painting on silk, i so enjoyed your piece.
colleen - wow, had to guess who this one was from - great stuff - beautiful idea and gorgeously done
venetta - i love stones, i love the use of the fed ex envelope. your shadows between each stone was realistically done. gorgeous. also loved the fact that the subject was off centre
linda and dianne - so much thought went into these, conceptually they work so well, the images, colors, techniques, symbols and composition are superb. attention to detail is exciting and so well thought out. we loved these two
helena - having seen your first quilt with all the silk and now this one - so different and so beautiful. what a great idea to copy your 'quilting hand' - i loved the use of the black thread and your quilting stitches. the quilt sure tells a story and is beautiful
patricia - i enjoy the image of links and chains in any art piece. i love that one (?or more) are open and others not. love the background and the 3D look. great subject and piece
hillary - wow - this one didn't look like a quilt. when we enlarged it we saw the techniques and the creativity - wonderful - photo realism - quilt realism - really great, wonderful attention to detail and color. we loved it

where's yours rosie? - your hint looked so interesting - don't keep us waiting too long

much love to you all and looking forward to our next subject!