Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Have you signed up?

We've got a yahoogroup so that we can chat about our next round of challenges without clogging up the blog. Watch your inbox for an invitation coming your way soon - if you don't see one do mail me,
Linda B.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Encore Taster !

This is probably more of a give-a-away .........

...... and the encore is not from this blog.   After a few weeks of sweltering hot days we are now in the middle of a 3 day summer drizzle spell so today the garden takes a back seat and I can hole myself up in the sewing room. Yippee!  

Friday, 11 January 2013

Next challenge: Encore

We are about mid-way between our last challenge, Threads, and our next, Encore. Michele chose this theme, and it allows us to re-visit a previous challenge and put a new spin on it. One of the options I am considering is a new approach to the challenge I chose: Structures.

When some of the Montreal members retreated to Dianne's cottage this past August, we stumbled upon a bay lined with dilapidated boathouses. Lauma Cenne, who is part of our text'art group, took some amazing photos. She focused on the textures of peeling paint, the reflections in the still water, the colours of the structures.

My photos were not as accomplished, but they recorded for me what I was after: interlocking shapes. I love this mix of the architectural and the organic. Architectural in the sense of built structures. Organic in that these were made with what was on hand, adapting to a scarcity of space, and now they have weathered and show their exposure to the elements.

I'm not yet committed to this idea. I will have to adapt it to a square format, for one thing. But it's under consideration.

Anyone else percolating on our next challenge?