Monday, 9 October 2017

Hello 12by the dozen bloggers ,
I want to tell you about a project that will be happening next year . I belong to a quilt group in Auckland which has about 35 members. Every year we host a show where we show our work ,have a small marketing section and can sell quilts we no longer want . It is well known to quilters in Auckland and we get about 800 to 1000 viewers . This funds us for the following year and pays for tutoring.We have 2 retreats a year and at our last retreat I was chatting to our president about our blog and the'Artist Series'. She was very interested and asked me to bring what I had done so far to show the committee . I offered to hold a mini exhibition at next years show and they accepted , asking also that I give floor talks encouraging others to likewise blog with friends or other quilters.  I would like to tell people at the floor talks about all of you and can introduce you and show images of all of your work ( Hilary says she can help me with this). However if anyone is unhappy about this aspect I can simply show my pieces and talk only about the artists and briefly touch on the blog . However I would really like to do the former as we are a group and my pieces are just a part of the whole . One of the fascinations for me of being a member of this blog has been the amazing differences between us in the interpretations of the artists works . This is the richness of group work .
So... I would love to get your opinions /permission for this so that I can start preparations . The exhibition is in May 2018 and I know how time flies.
Looking forward to hearing from you.