Tuesday, 4 December 2018

SAQA exhibition acceptances

Congratulations to Uta and Claire on having work selected for SAQA's "Forced to Flee" exhibition -http://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?cat=8&ec=2&ex=94 .
Dianne,  would you be kind enough to be the next person to choose our artist once we have finished with Shamsia Hassani?

Thanks 😘

Monday, 3 December 2018

Lurcat response

I've come late to viewing people's response to Jean Lucat so find that at times there has been nothing to add to specific comments but what a great result overall. It seems that in selecting an artist that some of us found difficult to relate to we've been prompted to work even harder to honour the work of the original artist.   Thanks Jinnie.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

The next artist is.............................

Hi everyone.

I hope you won’t mind the change of tone with the artist I have chosen !

I particularly like graphic art and portraiture, both of which feature heavily in street art. I have a few favourite street artists and I thought it would give us something different to look at.

 My first thought was to choose the artist known as Swoon. I love her work but I thought it might be too limiting as she most often creates black and white portraits. Next I thought of Alby Guillaume – there would be loads to inspire everyone from his work. But in the end I have settled on Shamsia Hassani – a graffiti artist, (amongst other things) from Kabul. I love that she is a strong and independent woman,  her reasons for making the art she does and the stories she wants to tell the world about women in Afghanistan. There is a short video you can watch to learn a bit more about her work here:

Hope you enjoy finding out about her and her work.