Friday, 31 August 2018

Gabriele Münter - Mother with Child

When I chose Gabriele Münter as the artist for this challenge, I had not yet decided on which picture I would use as inspiration. I love her work, and I wanted the challenges to become more feminine - but when I looked at her paintings I was a bit at a loss at first. Luckily we had the chance to see an exhibition of hers in Munich earlier this year, and I bought a book of postcards. In this I found a picture that got me going.

Münter, Mother with sleeping Child, 1934, oil on carton

I decided to concentrate on a detail - and by enlarging it from a trace off the postcard I actually worked with it in a larger version than the original.

A copy-machine is a handy tool indeed...
I took a pieced piece from some earlier project that had not been used, copied the lines of the contours onto it with a single line of stitch and added a few other materials.

Then I went on vacation and had taken the piece with me because I thought I could work on my mother's sewing machine. However, while she was still gone I could not find her mending/quilting foot and quickly aborted the attempt. That, of course, threw me back in my time plan.

Working without a foot is just not a very inspirational mode of stitching.

When she returned from China, she did retrieve the foot from wherever it had been hidden and I got to work on the project for a little bit. However, I did not get as far as I had hoped, and yesterday we were traveling home. I started working on it in the evening, and a bit more today, but I am not finished.

Partly because I slept very badly last night and am very tired now I am not going to push myself and perhaps ruin the whole thing. I have revealed what I have made and will finish in the next few days, and then post a full picture of it. Apologies, Ladies. Life ...


  1. How i have felt the last couple of days after getting back home from visiting Hilary.

  2. Well, that is an extremely tantalizing taster of what you are doing and I still have no idea at all of where you are going with this piece. I will have to be patient but thanks for letting us see the various steps meanwhile. Hilary

  3. Don't ruin it, just take your time....... Lovely to see work in progress and looking forward to see the finished piece.

  4. Rest and then it will fall into place. There is nothing worse than trying to work on something when you are tired or not feeling great. I am really looking forward to seeing what this becomes. xxx Claire

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result. I'm intrigued.

  6. What you have shown us looks very interesting Uta. Can't wait to see the end result.