Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Looks like it is my turn to be late posting this month.  I'm off to France in a weeks time for the rest of May, but had allowed plenty of time, I thought, to do my piece this week.  Alas, I did not plan on my mother falling at table tennis and breaking her leg.  I am currently down in Andover with her, and the chances of me finishing a piece before next week are looking very slim.  I have brought a pad of paper and some ideas down with me, so at least I might have a finished design soon, rather than the very vague ideas I've had so far.


  1. I'd never thought of table tennis as a dangerous game but I do hope the break was simple and your Mother's recovery speedy.
    Enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed.

    I'm afraid that I have approached this challenge totally tongue in cheek, my piece will win no prizes but I've had fun making it!

  2. I hope that she gets better soon.

  3. Oh what a shame. Your poor mother. Hope it isn't a bad fracture and that it mends really quickly.

    I'm also running late as I have been making fruit and veggies and food out of felt for little Leah to play with in her kitchen - 2nd birthday on Sunday. Then next week we have 9 year old Euan all week for half term. Help!!!


  4. Well, I managed to come up with a design, and have made it, though not quite finished the binding. It really needs more work to fulfill what I wanted, but time is at a premium. It will be posted at the end of the month at least.

  5. Well done! You can always add more later to achieve your vision. H

  6. I'm just finishing my Hundertwasser and hope to post it next week. I will then try out an idea for Janvier and then post it as soon as possible. I'm only just beginning to sew again: the arm is still quite painful and I'm often a bit of a zombie, due to it disturbing my sleep, but I'll get there in the end!