Thursday, 31 May 2018

Sea Sketch

  I had never heard of Wilhelmina Barnes Graham and enjoyed discovering an artist I knew nothing about. I particularly liked her line drawings, and wanted to try something similar. Originally I planned to use a yellow and grey colour scheme and had chosen all my fabrics and threads, but whilst I was searching for something else entirely unrelated to this challenge, I came across a piece of Bondaweb which I had painted several years ago, and which I had stuck to a piece of butter muslin. It seemed perfect for this. I covered it with a layer of sheer fabric before quilting as the bondaweb was coming away in places.

   I'm not sure how well it shows up in the photo, so I am also including a close up.


  1. I love the effects you get with painted Bondaweb and this has worked perfectly.

  2. This is very effective Jinnie and I suspect will improve as the Bondaweb frees itself!

    1. I gave it another swipe with the iron before I added the sheer, so I'm hoping that won't happen!

  3. Well done for using this technique . I have tried it in a limited way and found it difficult . It gives a really different texture . I like the colour and the way you chose to quilt it.

  4. Your deconstructing bondaweb is adding a nice texture to the piece, Jinnie. It's a lovely sea-green colour.

  5. I really like the way you have used the Bondaweb and have wanted to try it out but keep forgetting to use this echnique! Definitely a must for the future. Love your colours and your quilting lines which gives a lovely effect.

  6. That piece of painted Bondawebbed fabric was waiting for this moment - perfect. I think WBG would approve. H