Monday, 7 May 2018

Hello everyone,
The past weekend was the weekend of my group, Auckland Quiltmaker's  exhibition and market . As you know I was asked to have a mini exhibition within the main exhibition . There is a small side room which i was given and I found that I needed 4 drops (I chose black) on which to present all our work . I had information sheets made describing each artist and all our interpretations . It was very well received and engendered a lot of interest. We may have a few more followers of our blog ! I called it"BLOG IT".  Here are some pictures and a not very good video.
The quilt under Wilhelmina was fun to do (and very quick) and based on her work but won't be my posted work at the end of the month -so watch the space!



  1. I'm so pleased for you, Rosemary. All the thought and preparation obviously paid off. It was such a clever idea to present it the way you did. I hope it spurs others on to set up similar groups because it is a wonderful way to challenge yourself and stretch your talents - and to make contact and friends with fellow quilters around the world.

    And a teaser about Wilhemina to boot!


  2. Congratulations on becoming our unofficial publicist. This is a win win result for all your hard work - our group will, hopefully, have more interest but as Hilary has said the important thing is that your display may spark the start of other similar groups.

  3. Well done on your exhibition and presentation of our blog, bringing it to the interest of other fellow textile artists and showing what we do as a group. Lots of work and thought went into this so congrats and I am so pleased your hard work paid off so well. Look forward to seeing it when we next get together!

  4. Ditto to what the others have said. Well done Rosemary.