Thursday, 31 May 2018

How did that happen?

Wilhelmina Barnes Graham worked in a variety of styles, re-visiting old favourites on many occasions but of all her pieces it is her line series that I like most. This piece in particular - the use of space, the colours, the intersection of the lines all say gorgeous to me:

And then with this in mind I wandered off and created something without the colour or the intersections and my own take on the space:

And what was in my mind, rather than the work itself,  also lead to this 9" x 7" stitched Journal Quilt for our Quilters' Guild CQ challenge:

What I really need is the confidence to produce something as sparse as this:

but this then begs the question why fabric?????


  1. I also find simplicity difficult . However you expertly created your own line work in a very interesting way . I especially enjoyed the stitched journal quilt . I always think that working in fabric is very challenging . When one works with paper or paint it is so easy to change whereas when changing a textile piece with threads one is always asking 'what if' and 'how' ?

  2. This style of hers was very tempting to try and emulate. I like how you've done it - simple but effective. Why fabric? Because we are textile artists!! We need to be tactile.

  3. I find it very interesting how many of us liked her line drawings, which I very nearly tried myself - her work in this style made for very pleasing pieces. You have simplified it so well and using fabric gave it a very different dimension.

  4. I fell in love with this one of hers too. It's a colour scheme I would never have considered, but which I find really attractive. i like your interpretation of her work. The simplicity pleases me.

  5. Fascinating that you were drawn to something the parts of which you analysed and liked - and then went away and did the opposite! Do I see cording and twin needle lines? Lovely balanced lines - nice.
    I can smell the sea in the smaller JQ.

  6. I also find simple & almost minimal difficult but you have succeeded. As Hilary spotted, the cords etc add to the visual effect. I do love your stitched journal piece. That is right up my street.