Friday, 28 February 2014

Three reds

Like Dianne, ideas kept coming and, in spite of my sewing machine being away services for several weeks, I have managed three.  Yes, shoot me down.

The first is a bit naf and although I love the idea the execution is poor.  A bit of hand sewing is a first for me.
The second was just something I wanted to try out using the design software and my embroidery unit.  It was fun creating - a so-and-so stitching out but I think I achieved what I set out to do - a Wordle type design of words related to our visual source. 
(For those who are interested I have a Bernina 640 and the latest version of the embroidery software.)

Wordle red
 But the piece I am submitting as my contribution is the one I have had most fun with.  Who knows why the idea came to me?  I saw a large billboard along the motorway with great big tomatoes on it  - one cut in half - and I immediately saw can-can ladies skirts!  A trip to the supermarket, one gorgeous Marmonde (hence the name) tomato bought, sliced and photographed and I was away.  The work is based on the poster by Toulouse Lautrec.  The tomatoes were part appliqued and part fused.  The legs are fused.  The black outline of the ladies was traced, uploaded into the design software, digitized and stitched out.  The lettering was also stitched by the machine.  A bit of paint completed the picture.   It still brings a smile to my face - if only all my creations were as easy and as much fun!
Tomato Can Can
Looking forward to our next colour, Hilary


  1. Brilliant Hilary. Brought a smile to my face, and a hunger for good tomatoes.

  2. I love the witty visual humour in this one, Hilary. Very clever and visually engaging. Think about submitting it to a produce supplier for purchase.

    1. Nice idea - but I would worry about copyright... Hilary

  3. You show off! Definitely your submission one shines above the rest and I absolutely love it. Fabulous!

  4. Your troupe is gorgeous! What a brilliant idea!

  5. Wow wow and double wow! I was blown away by your gorgeous worldle and then scrolled down to the tomato dancers. Amazing! I could look at it all day....

  6. Wow how you can draw with your machine! Very inspired! My favourite is the troupe!!!

  7. a stunning piece. brilliant - i love it!

  8. OMG, these are amazing. You move to the front of the class! lol Nice to see you use your machines to the fullest.The quality of the Bernina embroidery is very impressive.

  9. Hilary your tomato /can can piece is absolutely wonderful - just goes to show how a sliced tomato can inspire one to do something so extraordinarily fantastic. I battle with inspiration sometimes but this one takes you to the top of the class - well done. You have really inspired me to think outside the box !