Friday, 28 February 2014

Double indemnity

I think that these challenges have finally stimulated my creative juices.  I'm coming up with several ideas and this time I've actually done them.  I confess that in actuality they are in a 12"x12" format as the Montreal Women's Art Society requires a square format this year.  I'm not sure they will go in (March 1 is my deadline!) in which case they may be chopped back to the format you see here.

Red Tide
A challenge was given out at the guild  and so  24 of us were given a colour from the colour wheel and we are to make a 16x36" piece which will "read" the colour that we were assigned.  This was one of my ideas.  I have actually made the top in a geometric fashion, but may make this one up in that size as well.  It will require a lot more creative quilting than this.

This is based on some photos that I have taken while cross country skiing this year so this is my husband posing for me.  


  1. Love them both.... the simplicity and strength of the top one and the detail in the bottom one - you have captured the depth beautifully and your ground fabric is just perfect.

  2. I like the change in the red stripe in the top one, but love the lower one. You've captured the trees and the shadows perfectly.

  3. I love the power and simplicity of the first piece. Congrats on knowing when to stop. Can we see the whole quilt please?

    The skier is very atmospheric - I sense the quietness and calm of being in a forest where the snow deadens a lot of sound. Peace and solitude. Good choice of fabrics.


  4. I can't decide which I like better, Dianne. The woodland piece is surely more meaningful to you, though, with its evocation of one of your favourite places, people, and activities.

  5. I like them both but LOVE the top one. The colours just sing and the stitching is perfect in my eyes.

  6. The top one has such a beautiful wave movement to it just as is.
    I also enjoy the tree shadows and bark details in the foreground of the woodland skier on a sunny day.

  7. two great ideas. both executed so well. bravo on stopping both when you did. that is an art in itself! i love them both - no favorites

  8. Wow! Glad you posted both as they are great. The colour of the bark is very interesting and your choice of snow fabric is striking.