Sunday, 9 February 2014

Plea to all artists to use new media

Thanks for the post on Ann Johnston's new video DVD, Heather.  I am making a plea, though, for all artists to consider making content available for download on tablets.  I was prompted  to the possibilities of this by Delia Smith the cookery celebrity who now has a cookery online course which even children are using by following the recipes on their tablets in the kitchen.  How great is that?

These mini laptops are so portable and are the answer to being able to take the information right to the place of work - garage for dyeing, sewing room for stitching - even retreat for patterns, techniques, etc.

Incidentally, I am about to renew my subscription to Quilting Arts and will go down the online version route.  Several reasons -

1.  I don't have room for any more magazines,
2.  I don't have to pay the postage (expensive to Europe)
3.  I love being able to zoom in
4.  You have direct links to URLs

How times have changed!  Any thoughts?


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  1. I agree with you Hilary, unfortunately some of us live in a country where internet costs are still very expensive for the average user. I must say we are getting better and the costs are improving and becoming a lot more manageable.