Thursday, 13 February 2014

A cause to Celebrate!

Our challenge in August 2012 was Jubilation, suggested by Linda Forey and no doubt prompted by the frenzy in the Commonwealth over the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

So delighted to see that TWO of these 12btd challenge pieces have been chosen for the Members' Gallery, in the Winter 2014 issue of the SAQA Journal. The theme for the gallery is Celebration, and included are Dianne's piece, based on her photo of a neighbour's grandchild jumping into the lake, and mine, with my hot pink birthday candles.

The Journal can be read on-line, but I believe access is limited to SAQA members.


  1. How absolutely brilliant for you both. I'm so happy for you. Hilary

  2. Wow. All this well deserved recognition. Congrats in order.

  3. I'm sorry -I missed this when you first posted it, what wonderful news. SAQA reaches such a long way.

  4. Isn't that awesome!! Congratulations!! Will watch for it in the publication!