Friday, 28 February 2014

Eclat de Joie - Commission

I was very honoured to receive a commission from a very talented member of our guild recently. She does beautiful handwork and my work could not be more different from hers, but she is a big fan of my work and asked me to create a piece for her. I was delighted to do so. "Eclat de joie" {Burst of Joy}measures 36" x 24"; the quilt is mounted on acrylic-painted canvas. I brought it over to her last weekend, she had not seen it before (she didn't want to see photos during the creation process) and she LOVED IT! I could not be happier.
Here it is on its own and installed in her living room.


  1. you need to see this one to fully appreciate it - a magnificent piece!

  2. Wow! I would love to live with that! That point of light just pulls you into the piece. I am so thrilled for you to get a commission and that the lady is so happy with the piece.
    Happiness all round.


  3. Glad to hear she LOVES it as it is simply stunning!

  4. Colleen says it all - simply stunning. I could live with that very happily!

  5. I know of an apartment in Philadelphia where something like this would look amazing on the wall :)