Thursday, 28 February 2013

Encore - Broken Dishes

Phew - I don't think I've ever been so close to a deadline - it's 11.38 pm here in the UK! Yesterday evening I stencilled the dish on to my background fabric and couldn't get to my machine to piece then cut apart this quilt until late this evening.And even now I see that in my haste I've transposed a couple of the pieces!

My encore is linked to my Fine Living piece. The sentiment that that piece brought to the fore has niggled at me and continues to wander around in my mind. Then I thought of the quilt block 'broken Dished' and thought of the broken lives of the clay miners and others who work in desperate conditions so that we can have our 'Home Comforts'.

The piece was created in the same way as Fine Living:

The quilt was then cut apart and put back together again to create a broken dish!


  1. what a fascinating take. interesting traditional and contemporary feel of this piece. i had the same feelings as you express in this piece when i did my 'fragments' piece. these challenges are really pushing us to think in many different directions. thanks for getting it done and sharing it with us

  2. Another modern quilt without intention. The colours work beautifully and the transposed pieces are not obvious. Loved what you have done.

  3. Aha - working in a series - very topical at the moment and a perfect example. I'm sorry you are so pushed for time at the moment. (For those who don't know Linda has been spending all hours of the day (and night) helping to get the new UK Quilters' Guild website up and running with the programmers. It has involved a huge amount of liaison at the top end and training for the regions that will be using it at the other end.)

    It was definitely worth looking at this piece again and I'm sure even more ideas will come. Who's to know if pieces are transposed?

    Love the choice of green this time - green tea?


  4. A fascinating variation, Linda. Love the "broken dishes" concept.

  5. Thank you for "completing the circle" and still being so committed to quilting advancement! What you do and how you do it makes a difference in the lives of so many...and now your Broken Dishes piece will continue to tell the untold story of those who labored so we could eat off of colorful dishes.

  6. It's a sobering thought to think of the miners and what it must have been like. Thanks for getting us to think about it. And your quilt is a delightful design nonetheless.

  7. I like the way you 'broken' your dish - looks very good. And thanks on behalf of the guild members for all the work you're doing for the website.