Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fences and Sunflowers

I have just finished a photocollage piece this week using some  pictures taken in fields and farmyards between Ottawa and Hudson. It has yet to be mounted onto canvas as it is an odd size(14X29) so I will have one made. I have started the Inspired to Design course with Elizabeth Barton and have lots of drawing homework these days but will try to fit a few projects in between.Week 1 of four has just ended today.Whew! Look forward to seeing the reveal in a few weeks!


  1. Lovely, Michele. Your pieces have such a dream-like quality to them.


  2. I like the variety and repetition of all those textures, Michele. Interesting how the stalks of the flowers echo the rhythms of the fenceposts and gridded fencing.

  3. Beautiful Michele. It has a wonderful flow and I love the rectangular shape. I can't wait to see how the Elizabeth Barton course affects your work!