Monday, 25 February 2013

Phase Two

OK, as a result of the poll and thank you for expressing your preferences - I know it was hard for those who weren't fussed one way or the other:

  • The size with be A4/US letter size and the format will be open for everyone to choose and may vary from time to time.  This means they can be landscape and/or portrait.

  • The theme will be just one colour chosen independently each time by the member whose turn it is and it doesn't matter what percentage of that colour is in your piece.

This means you are free to choose whether you add your own parametres and extras or not.

Michele, will you please draw a name out of the hat - all names go back in again - and announce who it is so that the person can then choose their colour and announce it on Thursday.

It would be a good idea if you can be fairly specific with the actual colour and give a sample when it's your turn.  Maybe find a picture to copy into the post or scan something to indicate whether it is chartreuse or mint green or eau de Nile you are talking about for example.

Roll on Thursday!



  1. Thanks for organizing us, Hilary. Eagerly awaiting our next assignment.

  2. This sounds interesting! I'm looking forward to it. Off to France tomorrow, so I'll have to be hanging over Mick's laptop on Thursday to see the results.

  3. So the name I pulled in my draw to choose our next assignment is Pam.Looking forward to Thursday.

  4. the one who works with the least amount of color. most of u who know me well will think it obvious as to what my choice will be but i will sleep on it a few nites and c if i can come up with something else..................

  5. Here's to a very interesting number of years. I am quite excited with the next 'challenge'. Roll on next reveal and challenge!