Sunday, 10 February 2013

Arashi piece

I'm also taking an on-line course with Liz Barton, and Week 3 had us arashi dyeing. Every week we are expected to explore a technique by producing the hand-dyes, researching how other artists have used them, and then making an 18" x 24" piece. Quite demanding! I have posted some of my efforts on my blog.

That is how I found myself so far out of my comfort zone, using highly-patterned and highly-coloured hand-dyes. Originally I thought I would do a still life of spring flowers in pots, but then I realized that hacking up the fabric into small bits would not do justice to the beautiful markings on the cloth. Hence the simple, geometric design. It was quilted with parallel, diagonal lines.

I think I will call it "Swimming Upstream". I hope that this class will make a stronger swimmer out of me.


  1. This is so lovely, Heather - definitely 'Swimming Upstream'. The little blocks of colour tripping their way into the piece from the left bring your eye in.

    I loved my class with Jan Myers Newbury. Both she and Elizabeth Barton are great exponents how to use the hand dyed shibori cloth they make.

    Incidentally, 3M Blue Painter's Tape is my favourite piece of equipment at the moment - it is brilliant at marking long straight lines for quilting - and is re-positionable up to three or four times - so quite reasonable.


  2. Very nice! Nice balance to it and very spring -like in colour. You were right not to chop it wall into little bits.

  3. I love the fresh simplicity and the little row of blocks.The movement is great!

  4. Great name Heather. I am glad to see it again on this blog after seeing the piece on your personal blog. I love the colours! And the composition is just great. BTW I have finished my Encore. My hint is that is has to do with trees....

  5. i can see how this is way out of your comfort zone. well done to you for tackling it and succeeding so well

  6. I do like this Heather! I think you could work with brighter colours more often, you can obviously succeed with them!