Friday, 1 March 2013


My challenge within a challenge is now complete.  For those that may not remember I created pieces using your theme within my theme, African Connection.

Here they are together, just pinned, not finalised, as I am still not sure of placing and the way they will be 'held' together.


The photo is not great as I have had to take this inside as its is raining, but you get the idea.
You may ask where is the thirteenth block.  My challenge was 'fresh' and I ran with graffiti using the themes in writing and that block was going to be my 'label' .... all panned out!


  1. It's lovely to see them altogether, Phil. Thanks for doing this and have fun assembling them into a major piece. I'm sure you'll share the process with us. Have you considered using some African beads to connect them?


  2. What an accomplishment, Phil. I hope you will find lots of opportunities to show this collection. Perhaps you should consider some non-permanent means (eg. velcro) of joining them? That way you could display them in different ways, depending on the venue?

  3. Grouping them together gives a great perspective on such an interesting theme. You have taught me much about South Africa through your work! Thank you!

  4. lovely, Phil. A great idea to put them all together. I was going to suggest beads too. What about beaded safety pins? Then you can take them apart easily if you need to.

    I hope it will go on display in one of the National Guild shows.

  5. Great idea - it's also awonderful journey through our time together - so far. I don't think I've said it yet but I'm delighted that we are moving forward.