Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I have just completed a two day workshop with our very own Rosalie Dace who spends more time overseas these days so it was a privilege to be able to get her to run a workshop and attend.

This is my piece, not completely finished but pretty close. Whole cloth, skinny lilac insert, lilac thermofax cross screen print with the triangles naively fused and stitched on top.  I found I had to quilt the rest of the piece more than I thought to balance with the heaviness running thru the middle.  To finish off I may run some beads thru the lilac skinny and add a thread of darker beads running thru the triangles.  Most unusual colours for me but am very happy with it.


  1. What an interesting piece of work. I love the colour combinations. Did you paint the background before using the thermofax?? How big is the piece?

  2. Now I see why you were so quiet - you're forgiven with this piece!!!!

    How big is it? I love the unusual colours and I think you got the balance just right - shapes, lines, tones and texture. Was the background your own hand dye?

    Nice one,


  3. I love it, Phil. I like the way the geometric shapes are integrated into the more mysterious, nebulous background. The texture helps with this. It even has a suggestion of Africa in it. An accomplished piece.

  4. The piece is approx 70cm x 90cm not too big and the background is an old forgotten piece of fabric I had purchased from Amafu (local fabric dyer). The only addition to the background was my use of the cross thermofax. Pity, that was the last of the fabric. I must have used some of it on something else way back.

  5. The use of color and quilting makes this piece "pop"! Love the triangles and shape that they form...that of a torso? ancient cathedral window? I'm sure that each observer might see something different.

  6. You must have the sense of scale spot on because I had the impression that this was a much larger piece.
    Unusual colours for most of us I think but you've used them to really good effect.
    I'm also impressed that this has come direct from a class, albeit a two day one!

  7. Lovely, I love the colours and the way that you have quilted it. The silks must add a lot of play with light.