Tuesday, 12 March 2013

More boathouses

Boathouses #2
For the Encore challenge, I went back to the Structure theme and made a piece based on a photo of boathouses I had taken this past summer.

Near Dianne's cottage is a marshy inlet lined with dozens of these "structures". Their jaunty colours and skewed angles are so typical of maritime buildings.

In the last couple of weeks I have continued to explore this subject.

Boathouses #2 has been sent to the SAQA annual fundraiser auction.

Boathouses postcard

This postcard (8" x 6") was made for a silent auction that will be held at the SAQA conference in Santa Fe this April. It will be matted to a 6.5" x 4.5" format. I'm really looking forward to attending this conference (my first) because I will get a coaching session with Leni Levenson Weiner on "Finding Your Artistic Voice".

Boathouses #3

The rest have been made so that I have enough work for the Hudson Artists spring show.

Boathouses #4

Because I'm on the executive, I get to show a couple of pieces in the lobby of the community center for the month of April.

The show itself runs April 19 - 21, and Michele and I will be among a group of about 35 exhibitors.

This series is all in the 12" x 12" format, and uses low-immersion dyes for the sky, arashi dyes for the water, and more-or-less solid hand-dyes for the buildings and walkways.

Boathouses #5
Boathouses #6


  1. Super, Heather. I can totally understand why these boathouses appeal and lend themselves to such a wonderful series.

    Your choice of fabrics - sky and water in particular - are perfect.

    Keep going,


  2. Heather, these are fantastic. Great individually, and even better as a group. I love your use of the colours, the neutrals and the black stitching - so simple and effective. I too have photos of the same group of boathouses, but as of yet have nothing with them. Not sure I dare to try now!

  3. I love them! I wonder if somehow we could participate in the Elephant Barn show - they'd be snapped up in a heart beat.

  4. The serenity of the scenes are transporting and the quilting so definitive

  5. Love them all. They could live quite happily along my passage wall.