Friday, 30 November 2018

WIPs: Münter and Lurcat

On the last reveal day I showed how far I had got with my Münter-interpretation and grandly announced I would finish within the next few days. But it has been lingering - probably not only because of important changes in my professional life that still requires adjustment processes to allow for enough time for stitching, but also because I am not terribly satisfied with how it has developed. I am not sure whether that is due to the fact that I like her work in all so much that it becomes very hard to distance myself from the inspiration and make the piece 'my own'.

For my taste, the outlines of the sleeping child in my current piece are not visible enough, and at present I don't have a really good idea how to change that without ruining it completely.

I have already added a layer of batting under the head that will make it 'pop' a bit when real quilting will begin. Just recently when I was pondering over it again I had the idea of enhancing the outlines by overstitching them with some lighter thread, or even a reflective thread I have.  And handstitching some of the areas with a bit of running stitch to mark them. But it requires a bit more thinking. I will report when something develops.

For Lurcat I very quickly decided on the inspiration I would use, namely on the day the name was published. I chose the ceramic plate with a large sun from the 50s or 60s.

Right after chosing the inspiration I started a new job and have been working full time, which requires quite a bit of adjustment both on my side and my family, and the organization of stitching time has not been easy yet, so realization of the project did not start immediately.
When I began work, I traced a part of the design and transferred it onto bondaweb.

I liked the blue of the original piece and wanted to maintain that, but not the white. As the process of transferring from bondaweb results in a positive and a negative image I could choose two different colours for the 'background'. At first I did not know which I would use for the piece for the group, or perhaps make a double-sided piece.

Right now I think I will choose the piece with the orange background for the group, and the piece with the yellow background for a yellow quilt I am planning for the anniversary of the French Patchwork Organization. But I haven't finally decided yet.

In fact, as I am writing this, I have an idea about using some of the hand-stitched eyes from Guldusi's embroidery project and focus on the line of the four eyes, turn the segment and that way change the character of the piece entirely.

But this would not fit into the size requirements. So it wouldn't work for the group, it has to be put onto the back burner.

I am convinced that my adjustment to the new professional situation will be completed soon and stitching time will be more secure soon.


  1. Mine only got a binding because our ferry to England was canceled due to the weather. Hope your future will fall into to place and all will be well.

  2. Love the route you are going. Hope you will soon be able to get some stitching time into your routine. Can't wait to see the finished work.

  3. I love the orange background.. so stunning visually. Good luck with your work/ art situation. adjustments take time.

  4. The orange and blue go well together (one of my favourite combinations). Viel Glück mit dem Arbeit.

  5. Thanks for showing us your work in progress Uta. I hope that your work and your stitch time balance out, and that you get to enjoy both.

  6. Looking great so far Uta. I also love his ceramics. Good luck with your new direction, I hope it brings you happiness and satisfaction.
    I also have some 'eyes', a lovely gift from Barbara. I want to do something special with them too - just not quite sure what yet! X

  7. I nearly selected this ceramic plate too as I love the strong identity.
    I went through a similar professional adjustment some years ago and it does take time, but you will get there!

  8. Stunning piece Uta; I really love it. Good luck with your new job.