Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Thanks to all

Hello Hilary and fellow Dozens,
I am sorry to announce that it is time for me to retire from the group. I have loved being a member and I thank you all for your wonderful frienship and encouragement. Over the years, I have found it very fulfilling and beneficial because of the talented, warm and generous sharing of ideas and projects of a very high caliber and for what you have all taught me about fibre. Several of the chosen themes went on to be series in my work such as Streetlife and Steps, and the colour series taught me many things about reduced palette(haha) and the necessity of neutrals and where they come from.

Mostly it has been fun to share in the vibrant artistic lives that you all live every day and the support and friendship that is so evident within the group.  Sadly it seems with a schedule of moving twice in one year, time constraints have forced me to scale back my commitments and devote the studio time available to my current work. At the moment I have been working very small and for now it is what makes it possible for me to keep working in fibre and to learn and further explore.

I was sorry to miss the trip this summer to meet more of you, but we have just returned from three exceptional exhibitions in Toronto, World Festival of Threads, Mystical Landscapes at the AGO (Monet, Carr Van Gogh,Thom Thompson) and Colleen Heslin and Jack Bush at a Group of Seven Museum set in the woods on the Humber River. All very inspirational for colour and form and finding abstraction in what one might call soulscapes of the imagination.
I so look forward to seeing all of the takes on such an exciting artist as Charles Sheeler( I do love his use of multiple overlays and multiple viewpionts) and will keep in touch through the blog. I will always remember being part of this group. All the best to all of you in your work going forward.
Warmest regards, Michele


  1. I'm sorry to see you go, but I look forward to seeing what you do in your new studio. I hope you will post occasionally just so we can all see your work.

    All the best. much love Dianne

  2. Michelle, you probably don't realise how much you have contributed to the group and for that we will be forever grateful. You brought your own unique perspective and style and we gained a lot walking along side you on our journey in textiles.
    I wish you time and space and the peace in your life to continue your creative talents. Please stay in touch and leave comments whenever you come by the blog.

    Bestest, Hilary

  3. Your work is stunning! You will be missed but forever a member of 12 By The Dozen...I hope I get to see your work "in person" one of these days.

  4. Thank you for your kind words. You all continue to inspire me. Good luck with the coming challenge!

  5. Sorry to see you go too! I've loved your work and it's always original input to the group. Take care in the future, and do keep in touch.