Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Postponed. possibly forgotten

I enjoyed being introduced to Scheeler, I love his flat surfaces and his use of overlays to add to the sense of perspective so thank you Linda.
I also worked out fairly quickly how I could use these elements to work on a scene typical of the canal area of Manchester:

Playing with the arch shadow was going to give me the soaring effect that he uses so well. (There is probably a technical vocabulary to describe that but I don't have it!)

I made good progress, blocking in the larger shapes with paint, adding details using a stencil - until I added the arch form using a solid black fabric .... Whilst that was a mistake, it can be rectified with an alternative, less solid, fabric or a layer of paint, what can't be rectified is my assessment of what I'd done up til that point. The black fabric threw my lack of subtlety into glaring view and that has presented me with a barrier that I'm not sure I can overcome, or even want to give my time to.

I've been thinking about this for over a week and perhaps should have talked to someone about it, but during that time I've had a minor hospital procedure which has also occupied my thoughts. If this were my piece I would happily accept what I've learned and put it to one side, but I'm committed to this group and need to show that commitment. Whether I start all over again or just give myself some breathing space I don't know. There will eventually be a Scheeler inspired piece from me, but probably not this one.


  1. I hope you are now well, and look forward to seeing what you do when you do it.

  2. Sorry you've had frustration, this is supposed to be fun. Maybe take the attitude that this has inspired you to do something completely different and use the colour palette of one of his painting. Take care and I hope your health is 100%.

  3. I pray you are doing okay...hoping you can get back to your art work to take your mind off of the any worries. I am looking forward to seeing your final piece...sharing your journey is so valuable for all of us. So much learning from start to finish when creating an original piece.

  4. Well done for having the courage to say "it's not working, give it up for a while". Hope you are feeling well after your op, and relax - if you can with Xmas round the corner.

  5. I hope you are recovering well. I think your piece will be very good if you decide to finish it .In the meantime forget about it and enjoy the Christmas holiday and give your body time to heal

  6. Linda, you are to get better before you even begin to think about this piece again! I hope all is well and you are on the mend. Quite possibly your mind was on the hospital visit. Good to hear that others have moments when it all doesn't come together!