Thursday, 6 November 2014

Upcoming show: Urbanité X 2

I am pleased to be showing my work with painter John Vazalinskas in an upcoming, collaborative exhibition, Urbanité X 2. The artists' statement reads:

"Two artists, two mediums, two unique takes on the urban landscape. Fibre artist Heather Dubreuil and painter John Vazalinskas offer their distinct interpretations of our man-made environment and the beauty within its spaces."

John first approached me almost a year ago with his idea for a joint show. He suggested that we choose an image of a Montreal scene and each do our own interpretation of it. These two works will form the focal point of the show.

As well, we will each be hanging twenty or so other urban landscapes. Most of John's pieces will showcase Montreal neighbourhoods, while mine will range more widely.

I think the idea of presenting fibre art with work in other mediums is exciting, and I hope that visitors to the show agree!


  1. I LOVE the idea of working with other artists who use a different medium. I wish we saw more of this.

    I saw the potential in this almost a year ago when I took some Contemporary Quilt quilts to a gallery where there was work by an artist still hanging and it struck me how different (and more exciting - dare I say) his pieces would look if they were interpreted in textiles with the added texture of quilting. His work was clear and colourful but it seemed 'flat'. Quilted textiles would have made the subjects (mostly botanical) more expressive.

    Will you leave a book for comments, Heather? I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear how viewers react.

    This is a great opportunity - I wish you both well.


  2. Great idea, and I love the pictures on the poster - should a good contrast between paint and textiles. Hope the show goes really well.

  3. Thanks for your supportive comments. Yesterday I was one of five panelists talking about our work at Stewart Hall. One pastellist, one painter, one photographer, one mixed media, one fibre. At least three of us favour architectural subjects, and I am hopeful that sometime in the future we can collaborate on a show.

    Yes, there will be a visitors' book. You just never know what will show up as a comment. Will share anything of interest.