Tuesday, 4 November 2014

And another thing...

I was very happy to have two pieces in the Houston show, one in collaboration with Marion Perrault, "Royal Thistle" aka giant artichokes, and a piece of my own called "Chloe a la Klimt" in the "Raining Cats and Dogs" exhibition. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. I could not publish a photo of Chloe before the show.

Royal Thistle 78" x 55"

Chloe a la Klimt 45" x 55"


  1. Great stuff!!! It is so nice to see pics of your finished pieces to fully appreciate them from a distance! I do like your new frame and how it looks on that wall of orange art! Love your Chloe Klimpt too! Fabulous Helena!

  2. So much character in that little face of Chloe. How wonderful for you and Marion to experience the Houston show together, and see your collaboration on display. Congratulations!