Friday, 14 November 2014

And i am late..........very late...........but better late than never...........

my interpretation of GREY:

still working in the theme of our daughter and son in law's wedding, i interpreted one of the photos we have of a corner of the reception hall.  when we went to see the hall in advance of the wedding, i saw a grand piano in the reception hall.  i thought that this would be a perfect place for family photos of ourselves and relatives who may or may no longer be alive.  this idea was very successful and on the day of the wedding, we decorated the piano with photos from both families, candlesticks and flowers.

i transferred the photo onto organza and then quilted it onto white fabric.

(we are currently living in a 2 bedroom apt in toronto - most of my sewing things are still in montreal.  if i may say i deserve an A for effort and initiative for even being able to put this little piece together using every non conventional technique in the book!)

see you all soon for turquoise!


  1. So nice that you are able to continue with your theme of Orah's wedding, making something meaningful for your family to treasure. A most suitable image for working in grey.

  2. Very nice. The reflections make it look three dimensional.

  3. Not only was it a wonderful idea to use the piano for displaying family photos, it has made for a really special addition to your celebration of Orah's wedding. And a triumph under the most difficult of situations - well done, Pamela - gold star for effort. It is a piece that deserves spending time looking at and appreciating.


  4. Well done Pam! It is so effective and a wonderful addition to your series. I am so glad you are persevering despite the challenges of your living and working situation.

  5. I love use of reflections Pam and how they evoke the continuity of your family happiness. Good for you to carry on with your work!