Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Stewart Hall Art Gallery Photos

I just dropped by for another quick look at the beautiful collection and took a couple of photos to give you an idea of how our art looks in the gallery. Here is my second piece, "Fallen" which I didn't even have a chance to photograph before running it over to the gallery for submission. I tried an experiment with framing this one, mounting it on two layers of foamcore and then onto a custom made (by my capable husband) shadow box which I painted black.

Here are Heather and Michele's pieces on another wall.


  1. I like this new shadow-box presentation very much, Helena.

  2. You girls are so talented. I am thrilled that you are being given the opportunities to exhibit among other artists.

    Helena, what is a shadow frame? Is it one of those deep frames where the sides project forward of the back? If it is I like them very much.


  3. So lovely to see textile work in a general show, rather than in it's own little genre. Love the frame as well - more details please.