Thursday, 6 November 2014

I'm early!

For once I have finished my piece before the scheduled date!!  I'm feeling very proud of myself, and relived as I'm spending most of the rest of this month with my mother as she recovers from a hip replacement operation.

On a sadder note, Teri has separated from her husband.  It's been a bit traumatic, and she's currently living with us until she has a more permanent solution.  It's quite amicable, but sad, on both sides.  Life never seems to work out quite how you plan it!


  1. Sorry to hear the news about Teri. There really is no end to our worries about our children, is there?

    Looking forward to seeing your challenge, Linda. I have to confess that mine was actually made before the challenge was even issued. :-) It just happens that I chose that very colour for a small piece made for the Lakeshore Artists show in early September. I know, hardly seems fair....

  2. Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear the news. Having been down that road I know how painful it is. But...Adam is today in South Africa on his way to a beautiful game park to get married to Ruth on Sunday. We are still in touch with our two lovely grandchildren (having just survived a week's visit from 6 year old Euan last week).

    On an up-beat note, you are a star for having finished your piece. I haven't started on anything - just googled a few ideas - oh dear, now I'm depressed with my lack of starting!

    Note to self - you must look at your options seriously tomorrow.


    Lucky you, Heather! H