Monday, 18 August 2014

Michele's first solo show!

On Saturday, Michele's first solo show, "Below the Surface", opened at the Rigaud Library. This relatively new building has a small gallery, and a terrace that overlooks a pretty river valley.

Work from several of Michele's recent series is on display, perhaps forty pieces in all. It is satisfying to see so many of her pieces in a gallery setting, nicely lit and thoughtfully organized. Many of the works were framed, and others were mounted on gallery canvas. Michele had some large, colourful banners printed out, using one of her images for the background, and hung prominently to alert visitors. She also had some small books custom-printed, filled with her images, and this gave a really professional look to the display.

The opening was very well attended, and at least one of the larger pieces was sold. Helena, Colleen and I stopped by to represent both text'art and 12 by the dozen.

Congratulations, Michele, and fingers crossed for lots more sales! The show continues until September 26.


  1. Many thanks to Heather for her expert guidance during the hanging of the show and to all my artist friends for their inspiration and encouragement!

  2. How wonderful to have your own show, Michele. I hope it is a very positive experience both from the sales and the feedback from visitors.


    1. Thanks Hilary. It has been very positive in both and I am glad to have 3 sales so far!

  3. Congrats Michele. A pity the world is such a vast place.