Monday, 11 August 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014

A quick post (I leave for a few days away in Norfolk in a couple of hours time) to say that the FOQ at Birmingham this year was very enjoyable, hopefully for all.  Hilary, Phil myself and Linda B managed to meet up on Friday after the show for a nice long chat, though sadly we failed to take any pictures of us all together.  Our Canadian friends were greatly missed!

Hilary was busy as always, and I never knew which stand I would find her working on next, whilst Linda B was a stalwart of the main Guild standard, welcoming people and getting them to join the guild.  I treated myself to a three day course with Leslie Morgan (of Committed to Cloth, or C2C) on screen printing and dyeing - no results to show yet, I won't have time to wash them until after my trip to Norfolk.

I had two quilts in the show, neither of which won anything, but both had nice judges comments!

Here's "Balancing Act", started in a workshop with Philippa Naylor last September.  I shall post a picture of "Mistress Mary" when I get back (and have downloaded all my photos of the show).


  1. Thanks for posting this Linda F. We did miss the rest of the 12 crowd - maybe one day in the future. We had a quick drink after the show one evening but we were all shattered and the lighting in the pub was very poor. We meant to get together on the Sunday...(and if the truth be known, I was having a 'bad hair day' - so, my fault).


    PS I managed to fill a 2Gb media card with photos and some. H

  2. Very dynamic composition, Linda, done with your usual impeccable attention to detail.

    Having been to the Festival of Quilts last year, I am hungry for more details and images! Jinnie, were you there? I was so impressed with the European contributions last year, and the other "white wall" shows put on by SAQA and the British groups. Tell us some of the highlights, please!

  3. I like your Balancing Act, particularly the quilting. Nice the way the ribbon flows through both sides.

  4. Beautiful quilt Linda. The quilting is extraordinary!