Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Getting excited. And a teaser

In just a couple of days I'll be setting off for our major quilting event in the UK - the Festival of Quilts. There'll be plenty of quilts to see, galleries to view and shopping opportunities but what I look forward to the most is meeting old friends and making new ones. I'm delighted to hear that Phil is coming over again so there will be four of meeting up at some point over the Festival.

In the meantime I offer you my inspiration for my grey piece. Gorgeous though the building is, it's the contents that inspired my work.



  1. I had a great experience at the Festival last year, spending time with Hilary, Linda F. and Dianne, and meeting you for the first time, Linda B. Only sorry that I couldn't have coordinated things better so as to meet Phil too. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Please post photos.

    (Most intrigued by your Grey challenge teaser. So structural!)

  2. I too am envious of you all getting together. Have a great time and for sure post a photo of the 4 of you.