Saturday, 31 May 2014

Yellow Challenge

This is a continuation of my
 collograph series, taking graphite rubbings onto mulberry paper from a gritty sand gel plate, and adding acrylic colour wash in layers. .Golden yellow seems to be quite a strong colour to use in large quantities but near white and blue it can be glowing and sunny.

With a show deadline looming in August and the garden season upon us I have decided to expand my current series and try to learn what I can from the process using different colour schemes. I have been aiming for more simplicity and possibilities for luminosity.
They continue to take the form of textured streamscapes with podlike vessels, seen from above, travelling in close proximity to each other, sometimes passing into partial shadow.
 I was hoping to achieve a predominance of yellow over blue and I think that this one just squeaks into that category with an addition of light blue to temper the brassiness. 
 Originally I was concerned about the composition being too much in halves, with my strongest yellow breaching the middle and the two elements similar in size, but decided that it reads more like thirds. For next time I will keep any lines from running right to the corner, given the strong diagonal movement and perhaps vary the size of my elements more noticeably.  


  1. There is a nice luminosity in this piece, Michele, and a good range of dark-to-light. The colours go together beautifully.

  2. Lovely and soft and I like the design. A very interesting method you are using and something to explore. Very nice.

  3. I think you achieved your wish for a predominance of yellow over blue. The wash of colour is so gentle and subtle. Pity we can't see the piece in real life as I'm sure the textured surface adds to the quality of the piece.


  4. Beautiful Michele, it glows right off the screen. The composition is very pleasing and I love your exploration of the pod/boat motif.

  5. What more can I say other than, yes, a pity we cannot see the piece in person. Sometimes we lose some of the detail.

  6. The luminosity is very striking and whilst the colour may suggest divisions in the piece my eye was also drawn to the pod like outlines which counter that division.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes next in this series.

  7. The piece is lovely to see. I like the movement of the colour and lines.

  8. I agree with all the comments so far. I also particularly like the shadow effect on the lower right, sets of the luminosity of the rest beautifully.

  9. i love what you are doing with this shape
    and these are your colors
    a great piece