Sunday, 11 May 2014

Our Rainbow Nation - thought I would share this with you!

With all the build up to elections taking up all the news and headlines now finally over  we had our own truly African excitement in our very own street yesterday.  Three houses down from us lives a black family whose son is getting married.  Yesterday marked the day that the 'bride to be's' family arrived to formally introduce themselves and bring gifts, something we would not normally witness, however, we live in a cul de sac and the road is too narrow for the bus to turn  in so it had to park at the start of the road and wedding party had to make their way on foot to the house.

The pictures are not that clear as they were walking, singing and laughing, some in traditional dress all bearing gifts of bags of oranges, trays of coke, sugar, meal etc.  

How our lives have changed in SA.  Next Saturday is the actual wedding and all in the road is invited.  Not sure if I will attend!


  1. How exciting! You must attend, don't you think? Even if you don't stay for the whole event? How many times will you get an an opportunity like this?

  2. How wonderful. They all look so vibrant. It would be interesting to go, even if just for a short while

  3. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous custom!

  4. Terrific
    I can feel and hear the excitement, the singing and more!
    Wild horses wldn't keep me away from attending!
    i do believe that there is some slaughtering of animals in some of these tribes as part of the wedding ritual - u may want to find out when that takes place...........
    My heart really does belong in Africa!!
    Thanks for sharing Phil

  5. What an experience that would be! I am wondering about the gifts of Coke and sugar. Why these particular things?

  6. What an exciting week!

  7. Yes, Pamela, there is more than likely a bull to be slaughtered to feed the hundreds of visitors. Last year we had one escape into our back garden from a family wedding slightly further away from us which was something as it had to be shot by the local SPCA in situ and then it's throat immediately slit to bleed as is the custom.

    The 'food' is quite traditional as gifts for the 'greeting party'. I think it is all part of helping towards the catering for the masses. After arriving just before lunch they only left late that night. Blankets also form part of the 'wedding gift' list but I did not see any. Just to add to all this talk ....... mum (the bridegrooms mother) is a registered traditional healer (Sangoma) and on and off holds graduation celebrations for her students. Hilary, you may remember the email David forwarded on to me when I was visiting once. I must admit I am still in two minds whether to attend or not so watch this space.

  8. Somehow I missed this posting. Yes, I do remember the email from Dave. I have to admit I would be sorely tempted to attend. The images are lovely 'rainbow' pictures. I wish I could hear the singing - it has made me very homesick and a little tearful. Love the traditional costumes.

    Please keep us in the picture with how it goes.


    If you go, what will you take as a gift? H

    1. The gift ??? That is a good question. Need to do some investigating.