Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Hisbiscus piece

I was so grateful to Pamela for her suggestion to improve my piece and I have been wanting to do it for such a long time.  I have finally had a moment and have enjoyed reworking this piece - thanks, Pamela.  I am much happier with this edition.

While making it I could see that there were so many possibilities for other renditions - a mini series.
I quilted with a twin needle with two different colour threads.  The theory was that I was trying to add a light mauve tinge but chickened out of using too much of the mauve thread - now it is done I think I could have been braver.

Oh, to have more time to play...


PS  Here is the original again.


  1. oh wow - if i may say - i love the improvement!
    such a great learning experience for us all
    thanks hil - well done - another addition to all of your beautiful work

  2. Everything that Pam said, plus: I love the quilting, both the background and the leaves.

  3. Much more dynamic. Interesting to see what happens when you leave the circle incomplete - it seems to add greater depth.