Tuesday, 13 May 2014

SAQA donation chosen for National Quilt Museum - Incendiary does double duty!

Thank you Heather for posting my exciting news. In fact you have all seen this piece - it is "Incendiary" which was my RED 12btd piece not long ago. I am beyond thrilled that it was been accepted from among the hundreds of excellent artworks. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure....


  1. one of my favorites
    well done dear!

  2. Well, well, well. I always thought it was a stunning piece with plenty of impact. They obviously have excellent taste and recognise a winner!

    I have just had a thought: will anyone who has had a 12 piece selected for an award or sold or whatever please let me know and I will add the info to your piece on our website.


  3. A yummy piece and now more people will enjoy it. Congratulations Helena!

  4. It was always a stunner and now others will enjoy it in person - how lucky are they. Congratulations!