Monday, 29 February 2016


Hello everyone ,
I now feel as though I am officially a member and am looking forward to participating in the "Artist " series ,daunting as it may at present feel .
I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the colour series and intrigued with the may different styles and techniques which you all used.
Rosemary (Rush)

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  1. Welcome Rosemary. It's good to have you with us. I hope no-one of us feels we have to do anything in a particular to fit in - we all have our own styles, preferences and yes, sometimes it is possible to guess whose piece is whose on reveal day (I confess to trying to guess). Then sometimes we have stepped out of our comfort zone and experimented - it is all part of having fun.

    I know that Patricia teased you about your piece going up first because you are way ahead of us time-wise. You can put it up whenever you like - but don't keep us suspended too long - some of us have faint hearts!!! Only joking.

    You can post as often as you like - about your progress or your doubts or other projects you are working on. Sometimes it seems a bit quiet and I imagine everyone beavering away in their homes around the world. We are all connected through this blog.