Thursday, 25 February 2016

Our new adventure!

Drumroll please!

Patricia - you have the honour of starting us off. 

The guidelines for our next challenge as summarized by Hilary are:

1.    Members will choose a fine artist (painter) when it is their turn and the rest of us are free to choose to be inspired by any painting by the artist.  You must post a picture of your chosen work of art by the artist together with your own piece.

2.    The artist can be any from 1880 up to the present time.

3.    The size of the little quilts will be 16” square.

4.    As before, you can use any style, any technique, any material to express how your piece is inspired by your chosen painting by the artist.

And my big wish to all of us - have fun!



  1. Thank you, Dianne. And lucky you, Patricia! I can't wait till next week when we hear which artist you have chosen.

    I don't know why, because I'm not looking forward to working in the newer larger size, but I am quite excited about this new chapter in our group's journey. Maybe I'll change my mind once I get to work on the 16" square.

    I'm really keen to see how everyone tackles the challenge: whether they take the style of the artist, an actual picture, the colour palette, part of a picture or even if they abstract a picture. So much scope!

    And for once, I have my little yellow piece ready! Roll on Monday.


  2. Clarification of the date in #2: this is not the cut-off for the artist's birthdate - the artist could have been born before 1880. Any artist working in 1880 and up to present time is included. Hope this hasn't muddied the waters even further...

  3. I am glad we have settled on this amount of scope around the approach as I would feel uneasy basing a work on only the personal style of an artist as most of you would also. Once in the studio as long as I am able to focus on my own work then there is only benefit from seeing good art on a regular basis. I look forward to the larger size and after a first attempt out of the way, I am getting slowly adjusted to those extra corners. Let the fun begin!!

  4. I am looking forward to the new challenge and the new size, though perhaps I will have to start a bit sooner than I have with the colour quilts ( I just finished my yellow one 5 minutes ago!)Looking forward to seeing everybody's quilts tomorrow.