Monday, 29 February 2016

Yellow Challenge

Fields of Gold Continued..
Our final colour challenge of yellow was a good fit for my current work, with a gold and blue needlefelted piece just recently finished. As the  jewel tones in my silk stash dwindle, I have added only a few earth tones and will be sure to make future purchases paying careful attention to value as well as colour, especially now that we plan to work much larger. Gold is a very dominant colour (and a higher value than I suspected) so a little can go a long way but how it shines and brings life!!

 I love having the pleasure of silk to work with and it has been my saving grace this winter to keep me engaged in colour, texture, and thinking about simple design. As you can see there is still a fascination with the diagonal going on for me and landscapes seen from above, and so it continues....
I have just finished a piece in our new size, 16x16, for a local fibre challenge called "Square Roots". It has been a heads up for me to shift my thinking again to a square format, most often in an asymetrical composition. Always good they say, to mix it up.


  1. The gold really does sing in this. Nice composition.

  2. The slight diagonal is such a good move and you always get a good balance in your compositions. I'm sure the silks do shine and sing out.


  3. It is obvious that this way of working suits you. Each composition I've seen brings something different to the piece. Are you able to share your 'Square Roots' with us?

  4. Another beautiful flight over your fields of gold. Looking forward to seeing your 16 x 16 piece too.

  5. Lovely. It will be interesting to see how your technique works with the bigger size.

  6. The beautiful sheen of the silks isn't always apparent from the photo, but they really do glow. Another winner, Michele!