Friday, 30 November 2012

Last of the first

This is quite a moment for the group - the last theme of our first round.  We have all travelled along a winding, twisting, path of exploration, experimentation, shared experiences, hopes and ideas.  It looks like our first blog was by Dianne back in October 2009.

Michele, I believe it is your turn to chose the next theme, not Venetta as I wrongly announced - sorry, Michele, sorry Venetta.  Michele, please do the honours and choose our theme which will take us into 2013.

I personally am thrilled and and very grateful for the support and friendship that exists amongst us.  I would like to see us carry on in some way.  Whether it is in the same format - size and timing - or whether we would like to make a change is up to the group.  Let's talk about it and hear some ideas.

Over to you, Michele,


PS  I am still working on mine - I promise it will be in before the day is over!  H


  1. Here's a thought - now that we each (Even we later arrivals!)have a body of challenge work would it add to the website to create a page for each member so that their work can be shown together?

  2. It would be a sad day in my life if we did not continue. I would like to see a change in size and a twist to the challenge.

  3. I agree with Phil. I think perhaps a rectangular format woud be welcome. And I like the idea of a twist of some kind, adding another element like a shape or a colour or a material into the mix. Not a technique, because I don't really want to have that imposed on me.

    Great idea, Linda, to have a personal page for each member. It would be a lot of work, I would think, but I would be happy to help if I had some guidance.

  4. I agree with Heather and Phil. I would love a larger rectangular shape and a personal page would be amazing.

  5. Not too much larger please!!!!!!! The nice thing about 12 x 12 is that it is do-able! A4 fits on a scanner bed nicely ....

    As for the personal pages I suggested them on the basis that the workload would be mine. I've met too many people ready to suggest work for others!!!!!

  6. The size could be standard A4 size which would be smaller or say 12 x 15 or 17 and I like the idea of 'shape' as colour has been done.

  7. I like the idea of a change in shape, and the A4 (or here an 8 1/2 x 11") would be great, especially for printing. But I am happy to go with whatever - as long as we keep going. This has been most stimulating and, if I may say so, challenging! It's a delight every three months to see what has been done and i am so impressed with all your talent.