Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I am not sure how the rest of you feel at the moment but with just over three weeks to go I have not been able to settle on anything specific for my piece and so have decided I need to make a decision before time runs out.

My taster takes me to the many, many organisations around South Africa who have empowered black needy women and men with embroidery skills which have enabled them to support families and give them some dignity.

This is part of a cushion cover I have, stitched by one of the people from the Kaross Embroidery Group which is quite well known and well established.

These little pieces are from the local Hillcrest Aids Centre (I think) but very typical of the things that a lot of the groups are producing.  They are small and flat and easy to pack for tourists and can be stitched onto anything or framed at a later stage.  Each one tells a little story and is often linked to the lifestyle or circumstances that the embroiderer has faced or experienced.

Where am I going with this ? ........................The end of November will reveal!


  1. These are beautiful! The work is exquisite. What a wonderful focus on threads and by women who use threads to make a living. Thank you for sharing and presenting and interesting teaser to all of us!

  2. I have quite a few of these embroideries. My couch at the cottage is filled with cushions and I have a set which were meant to be put into a quilt. Now I will dig them out and do it, if only to honour the work that went into them. Thanks for showing these.

  3. Thanks for posting these Phil - it's fascinating to see other people's textiles.

  4. Are you really going to be tempted to do some hand stitching?!!!

    You have reminded me of the little pieces I bought in Houston a couple of years ago made by the ladies that Ina le Roux looks after


    I wish I had the time to explore making something special with them... Meanwhile you have well and truly wetted our taste buds for what is to come!