Thursday, 1 November 2012


My favourite local artist, Hendrik Stroebel, has an exhibition on at the moment on some old and some new works which are going to Dubai for his first solo exhibition there in March 2013.

One of his new items, for me, were his vessels. This one I particularly liked ... ceramic vessel/vase covered with embroidered fabric and decorated with ceramic beads and embroidered hanging bits.

I cannot explain the reason for the words on the fabric and I cannot for the life of me remember what he called this work which I did not understand either ...... I am not very good!

This is another of his smallish pieces (approx 8" x 10") . The combination of the soft embroidery and the hard ceramic works so well.


  1. Thanks for showing us these. The embroidery is exquisite.

  2. A suprising contrast that seems to work. I would love to see more vessels if you have pics.

  3. lovely stuff. i know his work and love it as well. thanks for sending phil