Friday, 1 June 2012

Steps Redux

I am having a fine old time in NYC this week, giving myself an Artist Immersion holiday. My hotel is near Lincoln Center, and this urban landscape caught my eye. Located on a large plaza, this grassy set of steps, beside a reflecting pool, is meant to serve as amphitheatre seating for outdoor concerts. Of course it reminded me of the Steps challenge we did earlier this year.

It was fun for me to check in on our "Fine Living" unveiling as it emerged over the day. Congratulations to the whole group for their great work! I will admit I had a hard time with the topic. Now, "Jubilation". Can I find an architectural interpretation of that theme? Other than Buckingham Palace. Please.


  1. This a gorgeous setting...and steps! Looks like a spectacular day, too. Enjoy! What else are you "immersing" yourself in?

  2. That "step" was such a lovely bit of green/ nature amongst all the concrete. Nice photo of it.

  3. I just love big cities, Venetta. I'm really taken with the architecture and now have lots more photos to inspire more cityscapes. I have visited four art museums and two private galleries, and today went on two walking tours. Also took in two Broadway shows.

    The on-line course I'm taking with Elizabeth Barton (Dianne is also participating) is getting us to think more analytically about our own art. So, when I am viewing master paintings, I am thinking about them in these terms. How is depth achieved? How can colour be used most effectively? How to create balance? rhythm? What's the role of line? How can negative space be made more interesting? Where is the focal point and how can it be reinforced?

    It's been great fun and has even involved the judicious tasting of a fine cannoli, a sampling of "New York's best pizza", and a consideration of a contender for next weekend's "lobster roll showdown". Ah, New York!

    So it's been a wonderfully self-indulgent six days. I have posted a bit about my experiences on my blog, listed on the right-hand side here under "members websites and blogs".

  4. we will be at lincoln center today a week for my daughter's graduation ceremony! a superb venue !