Friday, 15 June 2012

Critique Workshop


Forest Poem II

Winter in the City

These are two  of  the pieces that I will bring to a critique workshop on Momday  with William Hodge. We have been advised to bring lots of work to discuss and he will also give an evening presentation on his career as an artist . Hope to share some of the feedback with you..


  1. Oh, you are so lucky. I once judged art quilts with an art professor from the University in Pretoria and I learnt such a lot form the experience. So valuable. Having someone outside our media look at our work is very useful - they don't bring baggage with them (I hope) and look at it as artists.

    Thanks for being very generous and letting us know what you're offering to him. I for one will be really interested to hear what he says.

    Good luck,


  2. Having heard him do critiques, I know you and Heather are in for some valuable insights. I hope you enjoy the course and your two days "away".