Saturday, 2 June 2012


So, red white and blue everyone? Or perhaps not-

JUBILATION. 1. : an act of rejoicing : the state of being jubilant.
2. : an expression of great joy

Hilary is well practised - she has Jubilee themed pieces in both of the main UK patchwork magazines this month, even though she keeps quiet about these successes!

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  1. At first I had a mini panic attic - but a cup of tea and some thought and bingo! South Africans have been 'jubilating' in a number of ways this past year plus ..... Table Mountain being named one of the 'New 7 Wonders of Nature', (on-going) the ANC's 100 years and the third the awarding of the major portion of the 'Square Kilometre Array (SKA) bid -the world's largest radio telescope. We will be sharing with Australia and New Zealand ........Hmmm!